Wednesday, May 15, 2013

GUuing Up...

By Frank

Since 6 years back when I first started my running career, GU Energy has always been my choice of pre, during and post run nutrition. I've tried numerous other brands but just didn't work out for me. Either it gave me stomach issue or really had no effect on me.

Back then, it was by accidental that I came across the GU Energy brand over at the local GNC store. It wasn't cheap with the regular energy gels going for RM8 per sachet. However, I did not want any potty loo issue during my runs ( it ain't a good feeling) hence I had no other choice but to invest in it.

Years down the road, the GU Energy brand became more widely available with more of their products arriving into our local market. And most importantly, the price was made more reasonable. I quickly fell in love with new flavours especially Chocolate Outrage and Peanut Butter from the regular energy gel series, Pineapple from the Roctane gel series, Orange and Watermelon from the Chomps series and finally the all new Grape and Lemon Lime from the Roctane Brew series.

At last year's Comrades Marathon, I was fueled then by the regular gels, Roctane gels and Chomps. This year, I will again be fueled by the same formula with the addition of the new Roctane Brew. The plan is simple:

GU Roctane Brew 200ml with small sips at 5KM till hitting 10KM To bring in the taurine into my system for the early morning wake up call.

GU Roctane gels beginning from 20KM and 30KM. That will be 2 sachets. The much needed OKG to buffer my lactic acid off before it gets into my system.

GU Energy regular gels. 40KM and 50KM. That will be 2 sachets. Will have a third additional sachet for insurance but I am hoping that I will not need it.

GU Chomps. 1 servings which is 4 chomps candy. To be taken in between from 20KM till 50KM.

Of course, the above is flexible. With the Comrades Marathon race course laid out like a buffet spread, we runners will be treated to a feast. Salty potatoes and Energade works well for me and therefore, will readjust my nutrition plan as per needed during the race itself. Flexibility is key and what I put into my system will be  playing a vital role. Here's a look on what is most likely be served along the route:

Pepsi Cola, Mountain Dew and Mirinda - 38,000 litres
Water - 2,000,000 150ml sachets
Energade - 660,000 150ml sachets
Mega Load - 62,000 units
Energade Sports Jellies - 300kg
Bananas - 600 boxes
Oranges - 784 bags
Mageu Number 1 - 10,000 150ml sachets
Chocolates 1.2 tons
Biscuits - 800kg
Vaseline - 240 tubes
Sunscreen - 300 tubes 500ml
Arnica Ice - 600 tubes 500ml
Loobit - 600 tubes 500ml
Potatoes - 7 tons

GU Energy will definitely be present in my nutrition plan this Comrades Marathon 2013. Since training program started when the year started, I was fueled by it and I know that it works for me. And therefore am glad that GU Energy Labs is part of my adventure again this year. Let's GU up!

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