Thursday, May 23, 2013

Behind The Runners...

By Frank

It's 10 days to go. Comrades Marathon 2013 beckons for I travel to South Africa today. As the rest of the contingent marches on and slowly make their way into South Africa next week, here's not forgetting some very important people that has played and will play an important role while we run.

The ladies of the Malaysian contingent! Here's a toast to Mei-Ee, Cham and CP's wife (sorry, didn't get her name) for being our support crew in driving us runners between Durban and Pietermartizburg, updating our fellow concern friends back home and taking photos of the entire race environment. Without them, we runners will be given more task to be solve by our own self. However, this isn't the case now and we are glad to have them with us.

So yes, this short little entry is dedicated to the 3 ladies behind the 2013 Comrades Marathon Malaysian contingent. And not forgetting the 4th lady, a 2 months old princess name Xi Ning!

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