Monday, February 01, 2016

A Positive Start...

By Frank

The start of the new year will always mean one thing, the restart of my training. It's not a regime I look forward to, but rather a regime that needs to be done as the big races slowly approaches. Yes, I used the word races (plural) as there are 2 important ones for me which I've mentioned in my earlier blog, the Comrades Marathon and also the West Highland Way Race. And with the first month now behind, as usual, here comes my first report card of the year.

Although I have the momentum swinging in from last year, I started the year from square one following closely to the training regime provided. With increased running distance compared to last year that needs to be covered together with weight and resistance training, I already knew that it would be tough. But the good thing is, the regime is flexible and that was the key to success. And with the Watergate 16 Hours and Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon, it made the task a little easier.

I also knew that I've "crazy" friends who will embark on my journey with me. And during this month, I was introduced to the FRIM's (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia) 10 hills run, a very good workout.

The only downside was work which in a way almost jeopardized from top to bottom . Am not particular happy with my management down south as lots of empty promises were given. And not only that, communication was really bad especially from the HR department that not only angers me but also messes up my training regime. A staff exchange was done and lots of information wasn't given prior to that which not only caused confusion for my staff here but also increases the stress level. I foresee the handover will not be a smooth one, but honestly, I don't really care.

Anyhow, I still made it through the first month with 346KM running distance covered which also includes some other form of training as mentioned above. All in all, there were definitely some positive results as I felt better and more confident as each day passes. Indeed a positive start to this year's training as I now look forward to the second month.