Monday, May 13, 2013

4mm Of Strong...

By Frank

After pondering for a while, well actually months, the choice has been made.on the shoe that I will wear for this year's Comrades Marathon. It was a tough choice between the 0mm offset Saucony Virrata and 4mm offset Saucony Kinvara 3. Both were awesome shoe but there can only be one to travel the epic journey from Durban to Pietermaritzburg.

As experience shown at last year's edition when I wore a 0mm offset shoe, I excelled on the ascend but suffered on the descend. That gave me a wake up call as the second half of this year's race is going to be a rolling one. And with more time spent on the Kinvara 3, it gave me an extra confidence that this will be the shoe.

And so, the 4mm offset Kinvara 3 has been chosen for the extra stack height of cushioning may help during the second half of the race. This is after all the shoe that I've train in at most of the time. But of course, I've got myself a new pair for this race, one that colour suits the Be Frank campaign too. The Kinvara 3 with some layers to protect my feet, will at least leave me with some sense and feel of assurance. The only change that I made to the Kinvara 3 will be the lace. I installed my very own "Did It Myself" purple elastic lace which I did last year for cancer awareness. The lace may help in relieving certain pressure point on my feet and it will serve as a powerful meaning for me and the rest of the cancer affected people.

Close-up on cancer awareness purple lace on my all new Spring13 Kinvara 3.

My army of Saucony shoes which went through thick and thin with me during the past 5 months of training includes the Hattori, Virrata and of course the Kinvara 3. Yeap, there are all of the natural motion series from Saucony and in addition to the trio, I've just received the Mirage 3 which will be my leisure and perhaps recovery shoe to be used at beautiful South Africa. Measured at 4mm offset too with a little hint of stability and a little more structure to the body, this may be useful for the tired legs.

My army of strong. Saucony's natural motion series for Comrades Marathon 2013.

All shoes mentioned above are part of my sponsorship program with Saucony Malaysia and I sincerely thank them for being part of my journey to and at the Comrades Marathon 2013. Saucony, STRONG@COMRADES!

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