Monday, August 06, 2012

Without Today, There Is No Tomorrow...

By Frank

Running, a sports that is simple, fun and healthy. We all enjoy it. Put on a pair of running shoes (or even go barefoot) and you are all ready to go. It's also an easy sport to burn those calories away and also one to de-stress after a hard day's work.

The above sounds really great, isn't it. However, running has also its risk shall we not be careful ourselves. Although fatality rates from running is very low, it still does happen. We all must learn to listen to our own body (yes I know many of us has mentioned this, but I have to mention it here again). When a certain joint or muscle is aching or even the from the slightest cough, our body is trying to tell us something, no matter how serious it is.

It is true that our weaker side will define our stronger side. My darkest days of suffering and fighting cancer defined who I am today. However, we must fight our weaker side today before thinking of our tomorrow. Without today, there is no tomorrow.

The marathon at 42.195KM is a long journey to tackle and training for it is no easy task. Double the insanity, we have the 84KM followed by the 100KM and the 100 milers. Running distance just never ends and we all seek to outdo ourselves. However, please remember that we are not professional runners. We do not run for fame or for podium finishes. It's just not our bread and butter. We run because its simple and fun. We run because its a sport where we make lots of friends. We run because it keeps us healthy. We run to keep stress at bay. We run because our body naturally releases endorphin. There is just so many positive benefits to it, if we think twice of the risk involve. Manage the risk well, and running will be positive.

My sudden outburst of this entry is because of a very GOOD friend of mine. I hope you are reading this else I will scream it to you via the Vuvuzela! Craze Ultra on 22 September 2012 at 161KM is certainly a distance for the insane. Even myself has not run that distance. Yes, we both signed up and we are both crazy. But watch that body of yours. It's just not worth it to put so much stress and pressure on it and your own mentally self. Starting the race is one thing, surviving it is another. But shall we are not able to finish it, so be it. There is always another running event somewhere and sometime in the future. Just make sure we all pull through each day, and we will start together at the Ultimate Human Race next year. That's our ultimate aim, isn't it?

Cancer, cardiac arrest, stroke, asthma or even the slightest flu, all these are a disease, a sickness that we all must be careful with. Some of us wants to show the world that even those with some disability can do the norm, but please think twice. Is it worth it, especially when it involves your own life? Remember, there is always another day, another running event, another chance. But there is no chance for another life. Think again...


K3vski said...

That's one crazy distance! All the best Frank!

Korcha said...

31 days to go thus revisiting this post - and yup, we will start the Ultimate Human Race together this time and finish Craze as well..... no need 41cm calf size!!