Friday, August 31, 2012

Comrades Marathon 2013 Registration...

Prepare yourself (and your credit card) for it's the time of the year again, for the following year's edition. The Comrades Marathon 2013 registration will open in just about 1 day's time on 1 September 2012 at about 2PM local Malaysian time.

It will be my second attempt on the Ultimate Human Race and my first on the UP run. Here are some facts about the race and South Africa based on my 2012 experience:

01) 2012 race entry fee for me was RM604.00 (base on exchange rate)

02) UP run is from Durban to Pietermaritzburg covering 89.28KM (based on 2012 DOWN run official distance).

03) Don't be fool by the word UP as it is a mixture of multiple ascends and descends. There are 5 major hills to conquer.

04) My 2012 flight cost at about RM3,7XX on board Singapore Airline flying from Kuala Lumpur with 2 hours transit at Singapore before flying off to Johannesburg.

05) Spend a total about RM9,XXX for a 2 weeks race cum holiday in 2012 covering Johannesburg, Pietermaritzburg, Durban, Mosselbay, Cape Alguhas and Cape Town (includes food, lodging, car rental, shopping, visiting and flying locally).

06) Weather is cool to very cold so bring multiple layers. Time zone is 6 hours behind Malaysia and Singapore time. Gardening gloves and the black garbage plastic bag is highly recommended.

So yeah. On 1 September 2012 which is just a matter of a day or maybe even less than that, registration opens for Comrades Marathon 2013. So log yourself into and get yourself registered! And if you do just that, do contact me for a freebie. If you need any info, do get in touch with me and I will try to sort just about anything for you (minus asking me to sponsor of course).

Check out this personalised video by Chee Kong on our adventure at the 
Comrades Marathon 2012...

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