Sunday, August 19, 2012

My First Ever Comrades Cert...

By Frank

After 2.5 months, it's finally here! My Comrades Marathon 2012 official finisher's certificate has been delivered safely and in one great condition to me. Packed nicely with a cardboard as a reinforcement, it arrived with no crush sides nor being folded.

True to the Comrades Marathon, the size of the certificate like the finisher's medal is actually pretty small compared to my others. Just slightly bigger than a quarter of an A4 size paper, it is actually printed on just a piece slightly thicker than usual paper. Flimsy it is, but it has its class on its own. I like the simplicity of it and it really shows the achievement one can own. This will definitely be frame up for sure!

The certificate was delayed due to the doping issue of this year's champion (sad case indeed) but the organiser's actually e-mailed to update on its progress. GOOD JOB! There were some investigation being done and the final result will affect our finishing position. Therefore after a long wait, I finally have my official finishing time of 11:53:49 coming in at position 11466. 

Registration for Comrades Marathon 2013 will commence this 1 September 2012. For those interested, get ready and you may contact me should you need any idea about the run itself or even beautiful and colourful South Africa. I myself together with Chee Kong and Fook Seong who ran this year's edition and also new comer Roy have already booked our accommodation for our next year's run. My training has started and for my next adventure there, I will hopefully be able to follow the training methods posted by Comrades Marathon. You can check them out by hitting this link.

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