Friday, January 03, 2014

It All Begins, AGAIN...

By Frank

Yes, we have moved into the new year. And it's the time again where it all restarts again, new year resolutions. Did you managed to hit your previous or was it just a simple wish on the first day of the new year and you simply forget about it the next day?

For myself and perhaps, the other 11 Malaysians heading to South Africa for the Comrades Marathon 2014 come this 1 June 2014, it marks the start of our training. 3 sets of different program were given and am glad to actually know that some of them has started off with their training. This year's training is "slightly" less gruesome compared to last year with attention made towards quality and rest. However, having said that, it's really down to ourselves to get it done. The program does not guarantee success on race day, but it will definitely spell disaster if not taken seriously. As a double finisher myself, I am not taking it lightly for sure, as I know how tough the race is, especially when it's the down direction, my Achilles heel.

For the past 2 years, for the first half of the year, it has all been sweat, tears and cramps, and sometimes lack of sleep too (so far no blood shed yet :p). Trying to train for Comrades with the nature of my job is tough. And it certainly makes no difference this year, if not even tougher with the direction I am heading towards, something which I hope will change soon.

My training gears has been chosen. It will reflect on what I am going to use on the actual race day. Whether shoes, apparels or nutrition, I simply put them into 3 categories. Train, Strengthen and to Recover.

The shoes that will be part my training.

Anyway, just a short entry rambling about it here. I've started my training as per given. Not a new year resolution to me as I've stop making them few years back but just simply something I've been doing since my first Comrades Marathon. It's really down to ourselves to make something happen. And as for my journey to Comrades Marathon, it's just as simple as saying, BUILD, PROGRESS, MAINTAIN, IMPLEMENT! All that thousand plus Kilometers of running coupled with other forms of training just for 1 aim, to complete the 89KM journey within 12 hours. COMRADES MARATHON 2014 - HARD IS WHAT MAKES IT GREAT!

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