Monday, January 13, 2014

It Ain't A Walk In The Park...

By Frank

2 weeks into the new year and 2 weeks since official training kick started. Training has gone pretty smoothly for me thus far. Feeling fresh from all the sessions, it's still too early to tell how will things shape up. For now, I am just trying to stay as close as possible to the training regime given. It may not be 100% thus far, but flexibility is key due to the nature of my job. This may and hopefully change within a couple of months to come if everything goes well.

My training aside, the focus of this entry in fact highlights on my other countrymen who some will attempt their maiden Comrades Marathon. As Facebook as been a very powerful communication tool and also in relaying activities by others, I can see the year started extremely well for some, but only to end up in shatters just 2 weeks in. It's too early to lose focus now but also not too late to have it sorted out.

Cramps is just part of the game.

Comrades Marathon is full of dramas and it did not earn the title to be one of the greatest but toughest road ultra marathon to date. The scenery is beautiful with the run taking us through the Valley of Thousand Hills. And not to mention the awesome support given by the South Africans. However, this isn't a walk in the park and one can't just simply walk the entire 89KM distance. If you thought by registering for the Comrades Marathon is all about the glamour and it's long history, think again. The 12 hour cut-off time is in fact a little misleading. Yes, that's the cut-off time to arrive at the finish line, but do not forget that there are 5 cut-off to be met along the entire race course. One may not even arrive at Durban should race strategy isn't plan out together with training.

The rush to the finish nearing the 12 hour cut-off.

The training this year focuses a lot on quality of the run and also the rest time. It isn't about quantity anymore although a certain distance is most advisable to be met. When feeling unwell, do not train. When running halfway and discomfort sets in, STOP! And when injured, pay attention to getting it heal first. Seriously, there is no point pushing it beyond the pain barrier only to result in long term chronic injuries which is worst! Are you going to be spend your life complaining to yourself and others about pain? Are you going to be an attention seeker in telling others that you can do it despite the injury and the pain? You may think you are great, but to me, you are a lame joker who seeks attention!

Runners falling like flies being smack at the 2013 edition.

To date, 2 Malaysians is already among the  DNF (Did Not Finish) status. I do not want to see another added to the list and sincerely advised my fellow countrymen to train and rest as when needed. 1 June 2014 will come in a blink of an eye!

* a little harsh on a few sentences above but somethings just needs to be convey
* all images courtesy of Comrades Marathon Association

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