Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Flashback on 2013...

By Frank

Here we go again, ending yet another year, this time with 2,085KM worth of running distance! So here's a little look back at year 2013.

Year 2013 has certainly been a roller coaster year.  I started the year by ending my Year to Year 6 days Circuit Run at Pretoria, South Africa which was absolutely a great experience. However, the highlight of my year will still be the Comrades Marathon 2013 which took place in mid year scoring my back to back achievement. Though I did not achieve what I intend to, my overall finish time was an improvement. And again, my medal was donated to CARIF as part of creating awareness for cancer research. And speaking of this, an outreach program under the initiatives with CARIF with the name Be Frank was launched in April 2013.

However with all the great running achievements I've experience, I yet again failed to complete the Craze Ultra 100 miles for the second time. Not an entirely heartbreak for me though as I got to admit that I do not pay attention to this event for preparation for the next edition of the Comrades Marathon is my utmost important mission.

Towards the final quarter of the year, though under trained, I miraculously scored pretty good timing at both KL and Penang Marathon hence upgraded my seeding for next year's Comrades Marathon. It was certainly a confidence boost which I hope will carry on forward with "official" training starting real soon.

Moving away from running, work has been awfully horrible. The society has changed and it's no longer easy to serve people especially in the retail servicing line. Work has taken away most of me this year. With others doing their runs and get together, I am stuck at work. Where has my life gone to? Not only it affected my performance in running, but it also affected my social life. So, is it really worth it? Money ain't everything...

Anyhow, year 2013 is now behind. I guess it's no point bragging about it. Just accept the success and move on leaving behind the failures and sadness. To a better year ahead and I do hope year 2014 will be just as great as what the fengshui book mentioned for my zodiac. Hmmm...

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

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