Friday, November 18, 2011

A Small Step for A Bigger Tomorrow...

By Frank

This Sunday, 2am at the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011, I will make my attempt to run a sub 5 hours marathon to qualify for something "old" and big" next year. I won't disclose the description just yet and all I can say now is that it is for a good cause, a step forward in the fight against cancer.

A sub 5 hour marathon. "You say it's easy for me"? Well, frankly speaking if it was 2 years back, then probably it shouldn't be much of a problem. I've been concentrating on ultra running this year and though I've gained in endurance, I've slowed in speed. I've built slow twitch muscles around me and I lost the fast ones. And with my busy work schedule, it doesn't make things easier. My bike mechanical fault at last Sunday's Powerman Malaysia 2011 which lead to my quads screaming for 40KM or so, I was on compression tights these pass few days to ease the soreness. Not to mentioned that I been paying a lot of attention to my nutrition hoping that it will help my system get the energy back and repair work done.

The weather may affect my run too. I'm not a rain person and with last year's experience, I been paying attention to the weather forecast for this year. And it may rain again and it isn't a good sign for me. My selection of gear will play a critical part in hoping for a comfy and "mishap" free run.

I did thought of engaging friends like Jamie and Yim to assist me in the run, at least to motivate and pull me along. But after thinking twice or thrice, I guess I rather not. If I were to do this, I rather do it alone. It's after all, a cancer survivor's run towards the fight against it.

Race registration paid for, accommodation and transportation all planned for, charity fund raising mechanics proposed, all I'm lacking now is the qualification for "that" next year's event. And I only have this one single shot at it at the Penang Bridge as it is the only AIMS certified route that I will be participating before the qualification submission is close for. Therefore, as a runner and a cancer survivor, it will be an important one for me, for the cancer patients and survivors out there as my fighting journey towards cancer continues will depend on this.

A little note on my journey up to the Pearl of the Orient. Am taking a lift from Andy who will be picking me up from Tropicana City Mall on this Saturday morning, and then heading for breakfast before commencing on our journey. Will be putting up at Equatorial Hotel which is really far, at least 4KM from the race site at QueensBay Mall. Heading towards there will not be a problem since shuttle bus services will be provided. It's the heading back part after a tiring run. Anyway, we will leaving on Sunday after the run which is a pretty rush trip. But anyhow, I still have to thank Andy for allowing me to follow him up. At least my journey won't be so boring. :D


zErOiCe said...

All the best Frank!

Jimmy Tee said...

Everything is possible for the heart that believes. I have faith in you, Frank. May the suffering of cancer patients drive you to run every step and finish within the targeted time.