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Nike We Run KL 10K 2011...

Event: Nike We Run KL 10K 2011
Venue: Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 27 November 2011
Time: 7.00am
Distance: 10KM (10.05KM by Polar RCX5 G5)
Shoe: K-Swiss K-Ruuz
By Frank

The fourth edition of Nike's 10KM run in this region previously known as the Human Race and KL City Run. It was the second edition at Singapore where my 10KM personal best was achieved. I decided that this will be my final race using my beloved K-Swiss K-Ruuz and I thought of giving it a "grand" send off. My favourite racing flat to date, it will retire from the race scene after this event though will still be using for short distance interval training. Not only it has almost reach its "end of life", the successor is coming to me soon. Hehehe... Therefore, it will be great if I can remember it with a personal best out of it.

I *heart* my K-Ruuz. Thanks for the services (photo taken after the race)...

One wrong move I did a day before the run was that I lost my resistance to subdue myself from having frozen yoghurt. The famous but now I felt over-rated Royal Red Velvet from Tutti Frutti has finally appeared at the mall I'm working at hence I took the chance. Therefore, it caused major bowel movement on race morning that I had to hit the potty pot 4 times! The fourth was particular the worst as I was lined up in a queue of 6 person. The AGONY! Jeff whom I met at the "deposit area" was a little luckier than me. He only deposited 3 times. :p

Tummy was experiencing a tidal wave after all the depositing. Didn't feel good but I was still positive about the race until I made my way to the VIP area. They refused my entry though I was registered as one stating that I did not have a VIP wrist band. I didn't know about this and hence asked the girl in charge to check my name on the name list that was sitting right in front of her. She refused and I was really sore about it! What's so hard to actually flip through a couple pieces of paper to check for my name. I'm sure my name is there as CG Lim (event organiser) whom I met during the race pack collection even knew I'm registered under VIP. "Wait till I find Wong (Nike contact person)", I told myself but sadly I failed to locate him. I met Pueh Tian instead and had a short chat before heading out to Jalan Parlimen where the start is.

Without the VIP access, I can't be line up in front like how I did in my first and second edition of the Human Race. Instead, I was cramped up at three quarter from the front. There goes my personal best. I was with Boon Yeong while waiting for the start and had a lengthy chat before the race was officially started at 7am sharp. Took me about 10 minutes just to cross the starting line and that wasn't even the start of my race yet. Major obstruction from the huge number of runners along the 2 lanes road, I couldn't run straight. Had to manoeuvre myself around and sometimes even running outside the dedicated running lane.

The first couple of kilometers took runners along Jalan Damansara before hitting KL Sentral and then Brickfields. Was nice to actually run here and the first 2 water stations with entertainment like music and drummers appeared along the first 5KM with plenty of plain water and isotonic drinks served which I only took to wet my mouth. Didn't want to risk tummy upset by letting them into my tummy. Mobile toilets were also deployed but sadly even 5 cubicles can't meet the demand to "let go" by the runners. The queue was massive!

Before heading to the next 5KM, I better mentioned that I actually decided to forego trying to run a new personal best. It was basically impossible with the number of runners around me. Therefore, I just though of doing some interval training where I run at a faster pace when I find a clear line, and then recovering when I hit the human wall. I think I did pretty well with this suggestion of mine.

Before entering the 5KM mark where the old train station was, I bump into Hafeez and chatted for a while. Then on Jalan Kinabalu, the running lane shrunk to just 1. I had to run on the pavement to overtake and soon saw a runner in white vest while others are in a red shirt. It was Mohan and I purposely called out "BANDIT" to him. Hahaha... We chatted for a while with regards to or future ultra marathons before I zoomed off to the usual Bank Negara route.

3KM uphill was the task to complete the race and slowly, we entered the final climb along the Mahameru Highway, which at the turning into Jalan Parlimen will be the final attack. From there, I went for it and finally crossed the finish line at where I started from with a time of 00:54:52.

Despite 7 minutes plus off from my personal best, I was really happy with it. It's good to be back in the sub 1 hour time frame after all the ultra distance training.

Back the race village, I was rewarded with refreshments almost instantly and collected a rather unique finisher's gift, a thumb drive in a shape of a shoe. I soon spotted Wong and he gave me a VIP wrist band which is a little too late now. However, I've gained access to the VIP area after the showing my wrist band to the same girl who refused my entry earlier. Met Pueh Tian again and was reluctant to dig into the food served as was afraid my weak tummy will give way again. But finally, I still did though had to choose wisely this time.

Had to rush off after satisfying my hunger for food but soon bump into my good friend Yim and chatted for a while before I bump into Lawrence and Carol along the way back to the car later. Overall, it was a well organised event. The atmosphere was really pumped up with the upbeat choice of songs played. I even enjoyed the route which took runners around KL city on foot which most of the time we have to do it in our vehicles. The only downside was I'm sore about the whole VIP thingy which actually wrecked a potential new personal best. But still I have to thank Wong for the complimentary entry to this race. Till next year...

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