Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Band Of Brothers...

By Frank

Although K-Swiss entered the running market pretty late and I only started wearing them just April last year, it quickly became both my feet and legs best friend. Probably the most comfortable shoe I've worn for my past 4.5 years plus of running, it quickly became my shoe of choice too for both my training and races.

As of today, I personally own 6 pairs of K-Swiss running shoes that has gone through thick and thin with me along my running journey. Presenting the band of brothers, platoon K-Swiss in the order I got them:

1) K-Swiss K-Ona C - 84KM Sundown Ultra Marathon 2010 personal best and conquered a thunderstorm Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010.

2) K-Swiss K-Ona - A couple of full marathons and today still remain my training and walking shoe.

3) K-Swiss K-Ruuz - A couple of full and half marathons. My favourite racing flats to date.

4) K-Swiss Blade-Light Race - 2 Powerman Malaysia with it, clocking my personal best in 2010's edition. Very close choice between the K-Swiss K-Ruuz.

5) K-Swiss Blade-Light Run - A full marathon and the 50KM Twilight Ultra Challenge 2011 followed by lots and lots of long training runs with it. My current favourite training shoe.

6) K-Swiss Kwicky Blade-Light - My century distance shoe. Conquered 100KM Sundown Ultra Marathon 2011 with it.

My K-Swiss platoon...

As you can see from the above, all my K-Swiss shoes went through much with me in selected duties. It's hard to define which is the best for me as there are all just equally good or perhaps too close to choose from as each suits different duties. Take the K-Swiss Blade-Light Race for example. The velcro system allows fast transition time during my Powerman and the sock like seamless feeling is just amazing. For the K-Swiss Kwicky Blade-Light, the hydrophobic Ion-Masking coating allowed me to pour ice cold water on my shoe during my 100KM ultra marathon. And during 2010 edition of Penang Bridge International Marathon, when all other brands of shoes became soaking wet in rain water, my K-Swiss K-Ona C performed like no other thanks to the drainage ports and the Flow Cool System.

Each K-Swiss was designed with innovation in mind by runners and triathletes alike. They may still be young in the running market, but the design is back my experience and knowledge from one of the most demanding sports out there, the Ironman triathlon.

And with a bridge to conquer this weekend, which is a very important race for me too, which K-Swiss will I choose from? Will it be my beloved K-Swiss K-Ona C, or will the wet forecast weather the push me to the K-Swiss Kwicky Blade-Light? Or perhaps something 1.5 that has yet to arrive? *hint hint* Decisions decisions... But one things for sure. I'm rocking Penang Bridge in a K-Swiss!


Jimmy Tee said...

Hey Frank, it's jimmy here. Visited your store to buy some gels some time ago, not sure if you still remember (we talked about TNF Singapore). Just bumped into your blog. K-swiss sounds really good man. I feel tempted to give it a try! Anyway take care. Catch you in December. Will come and purchase more gels from you again!

Frank@Runnerz said...

Hey Jimmy. Of course I remember you, you speedy gonzalez. Well, I really like my K-Swiss. It works well for me. Give them and yourself a try and try them out. Never know how you may like them.