Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shape & Men's Health Run 2010...

Event: Shape & Men's Health Run 2010
Venue: Dataran Putrajaya, Putrajaya
Date: 31 July 2010
Time: 8.00pm
Distance: 12.3KM (12KM by Nike+ SportBand)
Shoe: K-Swiss K-Ona
By Frank

I was conned into running this race. I was debating whether to join the Century Ride at Ipoh or this run. After being persuaded by Keat Seong not to go Century Ride, I decided to sign up for this, as after all, I think it will be better for I do not need to leave town as I need to look after my shop which is just into its third opening day (I have yet to blog about it). However after registering for this run, Keat Seong told me that he won't be running it. Darn... And with most of my friends at Ipoh, I know this is going to be a lonely run.

I arrived at the venue with about 45 minutes to spare. It was such a small world as I parked just in front of Cheryl and Yann Kai whom both I just met earlier in the noon. It's always good to meet new friends and shortly later, I bump into Peck Yah. I'm glad she recognised me. And just before entering the start area, I bumped in Tony which I was so happy to see.

At 8pm sharp, while still chatting with Au Yong Pui San and Ah Ming, off goes the gun shot which signaled the start. Took me a while to cross the starting line as I was lined up smacked at the back of the thousands of runners. Started reasonably well, maintaining a steady and comfortable pace. Similar with the previous year, it took us around the Putrajaya International Convention Centre before proceeding to some highways which I can't remember the name. It was at 6KM that I saw Lee Fong taking care of the timing system and I joked with him to run together. One fine day, I must get him to start running. Hehe...

Shortly ahead, Dinesh came beside me and I called out to him. We started chatting and soon he told me that he will "Bong Out" at 8KM. I told him not to worry as I will pull him along, which I gladly did. As we ran, we chatted and I really enjoyed the company. It was such a comfortable run maintaining my heart rate at about 75%.

As we approach the 10KM point which is between the Prime Minister's Office and also the starting venue, this is where it differs from last year's course. With an additional 1KM this year, the organisers took us behind the Palace of Justice before we run the final stretch towards the finish line located at the opposite side. I finished the run closely together with Dinesh in a time of 01:09:45 which I was very satisfied of.

Feeling really hungry after the run, I just hung around for a moment catching up with a few friends before I left for home for I need to rest for tomorrow's work. Overall, a very well organised run although it's located at a far far place for me. And also, I do hope the organisers will look into the registration fee for it's priced a little too high. Other than that, well done!

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Denis Oakley said...

Thanks for the race report - I know how it feels. I only had 1 CO2 cannister and I was agonising what to do before the race. I didn't puncture but the fear was definitely there....
I've linked through to your blog from and also put a quick plug in for the shop