Saturday, July 17, 2010

Du The Tri...

By Frank
Missing from the blogging scene for the past 2 weeks shows the sign of how busy I am. As I'm rushing for the opening of my store which is scheduled in about 2 weeks time (soft opening), my training has taken a major dip. Last week was a mere 20KM run, while this week if not for today's 1 hour turbo session with Athlete's Circle, it will have been zero.
I told myself to shift my focus to the Port Dickson Triathlon which will happen next weekend after my adventure at Sundown Marathon 2010. That didn't happen. I only managed to put 1 super short brick session on my own. I'm kind of worried about the "jelly legs" syndrome which happens normally on the run after the bike. I guess I will take it as it comes.
The Port Dickson Triathlon will be my triathlon debut. Most you you knows that I do not know how to swim. So how am I going to do this? Relay of course! I'm glad a friend of mine which most of you knows who it is now agreed to partner me. While he swim, I will do the bike and run. So technically speaking, I'm more into a dualthon instead. Hahaha... The main reason is to motivate me to pick up swimming to enter the triathlon scene. I'm grateful to my friend for his gesture and I will try my best to do so.
I haven't been to Port Dickson officially except for night trips during my college time with collegemates to enjoy the night sea breeze. Therefore, I'm looking forward in visiting this small town in daylight now and also to spend quality time with my friends. So in a week's time, I shall "du" my triathlon debut! Weee...


Anonymous said...

heyya Frank. I heard from a friend u will be doing PD Tri. welcome !! and i hope you will have a good race in PD. cheers, missjewelz

p.s. : you can always drop by my blog and look at my previous postings on PD Tri. :P

Frank@Runnerz said...

Thanks Julie. Will certainly read your past experience at PD. Appreciate every single tips and looking forward to good company and fun there.

Cheong said...

All the Best Frank. Did my debut last year, but skip this year.
The bike and run will be fun - relatively flat. Overall, good organisation and enjoyable experience. So...enjoy la and I look forward to your post.

All the best to your new biz setup.