Monday, July 19, 2010

Rough Weekend...

By Frank

The past weekend started well, but it ended pretty rough for me. But don't worry, I managed it.

As mentioned, Port Dickson Triathlon is coming up this weekend. With the weather absolutely beautiful on a Sunday afternoon (yesterday), I decided to go out for a short brick session as I know that my time will be filled during weekdays. However, half an hour into it, I crash on my bike (road bike). I blame it first on the road conditions where a pot hole which was there since last year was not fix by the authorities. With a 4 wheel drive zooming passed me, I felt the turbulence and soon lost control of my bike and into the pot hole I went. Being still on my clip-on pedals, down I went. Blood oozing out from my right knee and palm was a small matter, but I was lucky there weren't any passing vehicles as I landed on my right, where vehicles pass.

First thing that came into my mind was whether will I suffer the same injury I suffered at my fall last year at the Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride 2009/2010, as my right knee did hurt from the fall. Am limping around now as I walk. Lucky this time round, as a check with the doctor earlier today revealed no fracture, no tear nor any blood clot. Just a knock and some superficial bruises were all I suffered. Phew...

I guess Port Dickson Triathlon may still be doable for me, though being slow already, I may even be slower. Haha... But it's as previously mentioned, it's experience and fun I'm looking for. Just hope my teammate doesn't mind. Right know leading to the race, there be no more activities for me. I just want to concentrate healing the injury to the max so that it won't become worse (I hope). More Omega-3 and ginger needed!


Anonymous said...

Get well soon. Please take it easy during your PD tri.

Cheong said...

All the best in your recovery. As most cyclist will ask, is the bike OK? Ha Ha.

Not sure if you are aware that you can file a financial claim with the local council on injury and/or property damage due to unsafe road conditions (e.g. pot holes). Take pix of the pothole and the area, your injury and damage to bike (if any). Then, make a police report and submit it with pix and receipts to the local council aduan department. You may need to fill a form.

I know its a hassle, but if more victims make claims than, the local council may buck up and repair damage roads properly and quickly. BTW, you can also CC your submission to the Public Complaints Bureau.