Sunday, February 24, 2008

Day 28: The Star And The Circuit...

Event: KLIM 2008 Circuit Running 2
Venue: Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 24 February 2008
Time: 7.25am
Distance: 2.8KM per loop (to complete as many loops in 02:15:00)
Shoe: adidas adistar Cushion 6
By Frank

I gave the first circuit a miss as I was not well. But I told myself that I have to get myself running in the second. And even though I have just recovered from a mild flu, I pulled myself together and came for the run this morning.

Armed with my adidas adistar Cushion 6, I arrive at the Lake Gardens pretty early. In fact I was 45 minutes early! Got my running bib and did a bit of warming up. Soon later, runners began to show up. I managed to meet up with Ronnie, Chen, Kelvin and Steven before the run started at 7.25am, 25 minutes late! And just before the run started, all the runners were informed that the route has been changed and the distance has been increased by at least 500M! Well, I expected it as I knew that the original route were sealed off due to some renovation being done as I ran a few days ago. So to no suprise, the new route consists of the uphills and downhills of the Carcosa area!

I started my run at a slower pace as I know I'm not really fit after a few days of illness. But after completing 1KM, my fitness level started to kick in and away I went resuming my normal race pace. At the second loop, I started to pace with Geraldine. She was overtaking me at the downhill sections but I managed to overtake her back at the uphill sections. Haha... It was only at loop 4 when I stepped on an uneven surface without me knowing causing me to lose my momentum. And it was here that Geraldine overtook me and took off like a rocket. Then, it was at the end of the loop 6 when I was exiting the Carcosa area when suddenly my right feet gave way and slip to the side. I was lucky no damage was done but that costs me my speed. I did another loop and completed the circuit run at 01:58:59 covering 18.94KM, equivalent to 7 loops.

So, here's a look on the adidas adistar Cushion 6. The shoe performed pretty well at the first 10KM of the run when I was still fresh. But as I grew tired, the weight of the shoe again gave me problems. I had to drag the shoe along as I ran. However, on the positive side, the shoe gave me superior grip when I was running both uphills and downhills. The only slip up was at the Carcosa exit at the end of loop 6 I mentioned earlier. Not sure what happen but the shoe just slid sideways. But anyway, I guess this shoe for me is only meant for runs not exceeding 10KM. Anything more, I'm going to struggle.

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