Friday, February 28, 2014

Finding Strong in February...

By Frank

Last day of the second month of the year, and its time for a look back at it. February, a shorter month and one with festive season, but yet with an increase in running distance and intensity compared to January, the mind was telling that it is quite impossible to actually achieve the regime. But lesson learnt from the previous year, I managed to conquer February this time with one aim, to IMPROVE. And improve I did!

An amazing 335KM was achieved in February which was a little more than what was intended. Frankly, I did not know myself how did I achieve this. But for sure, I found a strong (pun intended) this month that kept me going. Someone, something or some happy thoughts? I shall leave it as my little secret here.

Major improvement compared to last February.

Last year's lack luster February was caused by an inflamed left trapezius muscle probably caused by over doing it on weights. This time round, learning from the mistake I made, I was careful not to repeat the same hence tackling it safely.

Work resume after 2 days rest on the second day of the Chinese New Year. While everyone was busy celebrating and eating away, I was out running hence the reason I lost weight during the festive season. Ooops... Most of my runs were longer in distance but at a more comfy pace, in preparation for the Titi 100 in the middle of the month. With the increase in distance and with still speedwork implemented once a week, nutrition has been paid extra attention so that I can return faster. And with all the Chinese New Year goodies, food and drinks was not problem. The only problem I had was rest but I managed it pretty well.

Feed me!

Soy products were used as part for my recovery and the soya bean drink was the one I consume the most, those with none or less sugar version. And to aide in recovery, I bought myself the Tiger Tail portable roller foam which I've used to roll off those sore muscle. And thus far, the nagging problem on my left calf has not been reoccurring hence it's a good sign. Probably a trigger point there.

The Tiger Tail portable roller foam.

And when Titi 100 finally came and went, I was glad to have ran it with Susanah completing it without feeling too battered. The training since starting 6 weeks ago has certainly paid off with results beginning to show.

With base building last month and to improve this month, it certainly shows the advantages of planning out a very structural training regime. Planning is one, but implementation is another and I am glad that it has been going smoothly so far.

And now with February behind now, it is time to prepare for the toughest month in training, known as "Hell March"! Higher and longer than what was achieved this month, March is the month where the highest running mileage is suppose to be achieve. And if everything goes well, myself and everyone else is suppose to peak at the end of the month. It will be a challenging 31 days of training and I hope I can find my strong once again. And with the achievement this month,, it certainly is a good sign and confident booster telling me that I can. Run, lift, eat, sleep...  Let's march into March!

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