Thursday, February 06, 2014

6 Days Of February...

By Frank

It's 7 days into the Lunar New Year and 6 days into February. My training to my third Comrades continued from where I left off in January with a couple of days rest due to the celebration. This allowed my body to recover and to come back fresher for a brand new start into my second phase of training.

While back in my hometown, I took the opportunity to run around my "kampong". It was indeed an eye opener as I ran towards places I never been and it was filled with various gradients, giving me variety in training.

Overlooking Desa Park City from Bangla Hill.

And since then, I have been training till today, the 7th day of the Lunar New Year where I visited Desa Park City with Chee Kong who is back for the holidays. We ran an easy 13KM with 2 sets up the infamous "Bangla Hill" before rewarding ourselves with dim sum breakfast.

With Chee Kong at Bangla Hill.

At this point of writing, my running mileage for the month of February stands at 66KM, which not only it looks positive, but myself feeling absolutely great too. Things should start to shape up next week when things get intense. And if everything falls into place as plan, results should start showing by then. Till then, focus it is for now.

* all photos credited to Chee Kong

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