Saturday, May 05, 2012

Going Fishing at Cape Town...

By Frank

After the Comrades Marathon, I will be taking some time out over at the beautiful city of Cape Town together with Chee Kong and Mei Ee while meeting up with Phil who is currently working there. And while there, the first thing that came into a runner's mind is that whether is there any interesting running events there and so, this entry is all about it.

Just a day before leaving South Africa from Cape Town on 10 June 2012, I will be participating in my second running event there, 6 days after the Comrades Marathon. It's basically call the Old Fisherman's Trail Challenge, a trail half marathon, bringing runners from a place call Fish Hoek to Hout Bay. Do check out the website at the link given for some absolutely breathtaking photos of the event.

It was Chee Kong's idea to participate in this and while learning about it and going through some past event details, I was thinking, "Why not?". The scenery is absolutely spectacular, and it will be a good recovery run. Trail and road running is very different and therefore, my legs should be able to take it, I HOPE.

The only thing that came to me as a surprise was the compulsory list of adventure and survival gear that runners have to bring along. And it's a list that requires the runner to be able to withstand the conditions out there for 5 HOURS! I was like, a half marathon on trail at that amount of time don't sound too friendly. Hmmm...

However, as my mind was made, both myself and Chee Kong included ourselves into the waiting list and we managed to register ourselves on the first day upon opening for registration as this event is always a fast sell-out. A very popular event indeed. Damaged to the credit card was surprisingly mild for an event of this scale and I'm happy I chose to participate in it.

Now the problem, I have to get myself a trail shoe!

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