Tuesday, May 29, 2012

En Route The Ultimate...

By Frank

Who or at least myself will have though that I will be running the Comrades Marathon. A typical Malaysian runner as I describe myself as, I just run. But things change, and in a few days time, I will experience the world's oldest and probably toughest road race ever. Looking back at 21 October 2011 when I first sign up for Comrades Marathon 2012 to qualifying for it at the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 and also setting up my cause to raise fund for cancer research with CARIF, time certainly flies when I will be on my way to South Africa tonight. Yeap, by the time this entry is auto published, I should already be preparing to leave for KL Sentral to catch the KLIA express to the airport.

Time certainly flies from counting down from months, 100 days, weeks and finally to just a few more days to race day, the distance of 89.28KM now stands in my way to complete my ultimate and probably toughest road race. Build up to the race wasn't really ideal but I will take the fact how it ended as there is no point crying over spill milk now. But again, in the final 1 month though was really busy, it was fruitful in a way and I hope this will be something positive that I will carry into the race itself. I managed to pull myself together and squeezed in running times despite arriving home late at night. 3 weeks ago, mum had to undergo an operation to have a growth remove from her salivary gland on her left cheek and that particular week has been really tough for myself and dad. But all is good now and the growth is of non-cancerous.

Travel documents and race confirmation slip all ready...

About a couple of weeks ago, together with Professor Teo from CARIF, we had an interview with Sin Chew Jit Poh and she described me as a person with a very strong will and determination. I was really caught by surprised when she mentioned that to the journalist but felt extremely flattered at the same time. I do not wish Professor Teo's  view of me to be a wrong one and I will always remember this not only during the Comrades Marathon, but in my entire running career.

Official cut off time will be 12 hours but organisers do not take into account on nett timing hence being seeded at the last pent, I would have about 10 to 15 minutes lesser. Being an ultra marathon, completion is my utmost priority but I would like to do it within 11.5 hours, or better around 11 hours. I just hope that I will be able to maintain a 6:45 minute per kilometer pace for much distance of the run just like how I did it with a 6:30 minute per kilometer pace back at Sundown 84KM 2 years back. Therefore, I still see my past experience as the most crucial knowledge that I will bring into the race.

So on 3 June 2012, 11.30am local time, do log in to Mr Price Heroes and track me at race number 57056 or simply enter my registered name at Wei Siong, Chong. Else, my Facebook profile at Frank.ChongWS should have auto updates too should it work properly. I've enabled the application and hopefully the initial test done will proof that it is working.

Excitement coupled with nervousness is starting to build. Comrades Marathon 2012, 3 June 2012. 89.28KM is what stands in my way now as I run my ultimate road race for cancer research! To and behalf CARIF, which includes Outdoor Venture Pte Ltd, Running Lab, K-Swiss, GU Energy Labs, Runners Malaysia, 2ndskin and for those who have donated, bought the t-shirt, pledged and supported my cause at The Ultimate Race for Cancer Research, my sincere THANKS for making this happen for hope shines brighter for cancer patients, survivors and loved ones. 4 days to Comrades Marathon 2012. Till then, here's Frank signing off from Malaysia, at least for 2 weeks...

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