Tuesday, April 03, 2012

THANKS For The Concern...

By Frank

It has been a hectic month of March 2012. Being the last month of Running Lab's financial year, it's of course also time for audit. I've survived through the toughest part which is stock count but it kind of left me lifeless. Besides from the retail side, I was super tied down as customer traffic flow suddenly hit the high note.

Karen invited me to her house on Saturday evening for Lawrence's farewell gathering. I couldn't make it as I can't leave my dad back at the store especially on a Saturday evening. And apparently I heard from Karen saying that my name was one of the topics brought out during the gathering. But hey, why me since it's all about Lawrence?

Yes, I been super tied down with work that I have hardly any time train. And whenever friends sees me, I look half dead with my "panda" eyes. Even 3 pimples broke out a week ago! Nevertheless, I'm still hanging on to it and I hope the worst is over with audit month now almost history, well at least for this financial year.

Yesterday, Karen gave me a courtesy call and just earlier today, Pui San paid a visit to my store. Was really kind of you ladies to show the care for this friend of yours. Don't worry, I'm still alive and I sincerely THANK YOU for all the concern shown. But also not forgetting to friends like Yim, Shine, Jamie, Paul, Lawrence and others who have asked about me. How I know? It's because Karen told me so that you guys asked. Really thank you all for these and I do hope that I will see you all soon on the road as I really need to hit it with my ultimate road race looming in the next couple of months.

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