Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tickets To South Africa...

By Frank

Finally, after a long planning with Chee Kong, I have finally purchased my return flight tickets for my trip to South Africa. On a 11 days trip (excluding the many hours I'm going to stay up in the sky), I will be leaving on 29 May 2012 on board Singapore Airlines from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore for a 3.5 hours transit there. Any friends want to meet up? *hint hint I was suppose to fly direct on Malaysia Airline but out of a sudden, the flights were all cancelled off. Then it was Air Emirates, but then, I had a shock when I learnt about the fare. It was just too much for me to bear. As this is my first time on board Singapore Airlines, I do hope it will be a pleasant one unlike my recent scare on board AirAsia. On the positive side, is that Changi Airport has lots of variety there and I think I can make good use of my time there before going into a long slumber on the resuming flight to Johannesburg.

With the Comrades Marathon 2012 being held on 3 June 2012, this will give me enough time to settle down there. And after the race, I will have enough time for some sight seeing over at Cape Town meeting up hopefully with Phil there, and maybe even for 1 more shorter race. From Cape Town on 10 June 2012, I will then board a late morning return flight back to Singapore for an hours transit before back home to Kuala Lumpur.

Overall, I'm just happy to finally settle off both my accommodation which I will be staying with Chee Kong and my transportation issues. It's always the headache part when planning for a trip to a far away place. Was lucky that Chee Kong helped a lot with it. However, I still do not know much about the whole itinerary of the trip there as there are still some unconfirmed things that Chee Kong will need to iron out. Till then, it's 75 days to race day. GULPS!

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