Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Project Love Sneaker Malaysia...

Ever wonder how long will a pair of shoes takes to breaks down after having them laid in their final resting spot at a local landfill? The answer is an astonishing close to 1000 years as the EVA parts of the shoes are just that lasting! Sports companies being environmentally friendly now are trying their very best to create better shoes which are friendlier to mother nature while maintaining comfort and technology aspect for us runners to enjoy the sport we all love.

As much has been done, the amount of shoes that land up over at the landfill is still at a worrying state. Runners tend to change shoes very often not knowing that the shoes can actually still be worn, at least casually for walking. Hence with this, Running Lab has came up win an initiative to donate that runners "thought" has reached its end of life while at the same time rewarding them with something. These shoes will then be donated to the needy communities in helping them live a better and more comfortable life. Make someone's life difference today by donating a pair of your old reusable sneaker now at Running Lab Malaysia.

Project Love Sneaker - Running Lab Malaysia
An initiative by Running Lab's founder Walter Tan since 2008 in Singapore, this is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in its 3rd year running, to collect shoes for the less fortunate who cannot afford to have proper shoes in their daily lives. In commemoration of Running Lab's fourth 4th branch in Kuala Lumpur, Project Love Sneaker will once again lead the way in providing the donated shoes to the Orang Asli/Indigenous Community of Malaysia at the end of this campaign.

"Regular runners are advised to replace their running shoes after clocking about 800KM mileage in order to prevent from running injuries. Most of the time, these shoes are still relatively good condition and it is too wasteful to dump them. Hence, instead of throwing them away, we want to provide an avenue for runners to give a second life to these used running shoes. The shoes can be donated to protect the feet and make a difference to the lives of the less fortunate people locally and abroad", said Karen Chua, Marketing Manager of Running Lab.

Terms and Conditions
Take a stroll to Running Lab at Tropicana City Mall and donate your pair of previously loved running shoes* and receive one RM100 cash voucher from Running Lab.

* Adult sizes in cleaned and reusable condition. We are looking for footwear that is in good condition that might be useful to someone who is less fortunate, including Running Shoes, Cross Trainers, Walking Shoes, Hiking Shoes and Trail Shoes.

Collection period: 09 Nov - 11 Dec 2011

Terms and Conditions of the RM100 shoe voucher are as follows:

1) This voucher is valid till 31 December 2011.
2) This voucher is for one time use only.
3) This voucher is valid for purchase(s) of regular priced running footwear, excluding purchase(s) from "ASICS".
4) This voucher cannot be combined.
5) This voucher is not exchangeable or redeemable for cash or credit.
6) This voucher is invalid if any of its part is found tampered with and/or in any way.
7) Running Lab should not responsible for any loss, damage or theft of this voucher.
8) This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or discounts of Running Lab.
9) Terms and Condition are correct at time of printing, and Running Lab reserves the rights to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time.

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