Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Being Sponsored...

By Frank

Who doesn't want to be sponsored? Ain't it nice to have loads of goodies or complimentary entries to a certain event? But understanding the role is different. As a sponsored person, downing the gears given and going through the Terms & Conditions is a golden rule that we must follow.

I was sponsored by a few brands throughout my 4 years plus of running. And I'm damn proud to say that I honoured each of them down my throat even through the bitter side of it. I use and wore the products given, I race and trained with them, and I even consumed and went to the toilet with it! And yet, I did not complain.

Accepting the contract is easy. Just a signature will do. But living with it will be tougher. It all depends on the person willingness to go through with it for the rest of the contract period. But the main question is WHY accept it if you are not willing to honour it. It's like why marry your partner if you are not willing to spend the rest of your life with him or her?

This entry may cause a few upset but I think I have been too easy going. I need to highlight it out so hopefully it won't happen again. But I will also dare to say that if I'm going to give sponsorship out again, it will be the past, present and future that I will look into and that 4 person that I have previously worked with will be the usual first choice candidates. The 4 of you, you know who you are! Damn proud of you all!

Be grateful, be thankful and be loyal!

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