Monday, April 11, 2011

Spinning To Nowhere...

By Frank

As mentioned yesterday, I will start spinning on my bike using the Tacx Vortex trainer. Why not on the road? I'm pretty clumsy on the road bike and triathlon bike, and besides with the unfriendly road and our driver attitude, I guess spinning indoors to nowhere is the best option for me. And so I did today, and boy, it was tough though I enjoyed it.

Took me a while to assemble the trainer though. It was just purely some silly mistake from the user side, else it's actually pretty easy to setup. Once done, it was all good to go.

Started off well as I'm really looking forward to it. With just 10 minutes gone, my legs were already sore and I was sweating a bucket though I was spinning inside my house with the ceiling fan turned on. As I wanted to concentrate on my pedaling stroke, therefore no disturbance from sources like the television or music player. My only view was my car porch and the trainer's computer. The plan was to do some intervals and I managed just that for a duration of 30 minutes producing maximum speed of 43.2km/h on the highest gear. But at the end of it, legs were feeling jellified and it brought back memories of my Powerman Malaysia participation. The feeling... ooohhh...

Overall, it was a great workout. It gives me some variety over running and I just simple like the feeling on going on the aerobar. It just feel nice, in a way. Oh... And my left ankle held up. No sore or pain. Perhaps spinning is the answer for now.

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Tweet @ Chin said...

Are not using your race tyres as spinning can be really damaging on the tyres? It looks from the photo that you are seeing some flattening of the tyre already, no thanks to all the resistance of the trainer. I normally swap of to old tyres for trainer session, or better yet, get a training wheel!