Sunday, April 03, 2011


By Frank

"Base is being attack", "Base has been destroyed" and "Rebuilding". These are just a few phrases real time strategy gamers will commonly hear while playing their games. And somehow, these phrases played a part in my recent running career.

It's been a week since Twilight Ultra Challenge 2011 (TUC 2011). Doing badly there, I was shaken by the event. Confidence was at an all time low and lots of negative thoughts clouded me. Cracks in my foundation began to show and I thought, maybe things will come to an end. But the tremendous support I received from my friends which was awesome kept me going. And within a few days, I began to rebuild and this morning, I had my first long run. After all, I did not come so far to be beaten by just one single event that went wrong.

A close running friend told me that she has dedicated her 82KM run at TUC 2011 for me (pretty obvious who this friend is with the distance mentioned). Another told me that my previous ultra marathon attempts do not lie (you know who you are). Some even told me that I was their mentor in ultra running. And what really suprised me is that a volunteer from TUC 2011 sent me an e-mail to offer words of encouragement. All these kind words brought sunshine into my destroyed confidence and I soon found out that my running isn't over yet. There's still indeed a long road ahead of me.

Therefore, I acknowledge all of you good friends who have played a part in the rebuilding of my confidence. In no particular order, my gratitude all goes out to Ben, Karen, Jamie, Yim, Paul, Shine, Khairul, Fui Cheng, Cynthia, Lynette, Lynn, Chin Chin, Zin, Tey, Raymond, Adam, David, Jeff, Foo, Zin, Eugene, Chee Kong and many many more. For those whom I accidently left out, you know who you are. THANK YOU!


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YS said...

Hi Frank, what is the game plan? There are exactly 12 weeks to go... can share? Thanks...:)