Monday, January 17, 2011

Run Safe, Run Smart...

By Frank

Sundown 100KM and the Twilight Ultra Challenge is coming. The first local marathon will start in the month of April. No doubt everyone wants to train for it. And for those who are running the ultra distance, they are certainly doing their super long runs. To beat the sun, they have to start running early. And here comes the story...

Yesterday's 30KM run and also the potluck although were held successfully, it was overshadowed by the concern of safety for runners. At 5.30am when I started my run with Michael, Jamie and Lawrence around bird park, we spotted Terence and a few others pushing a motorbike up the slope just behind bird park. We stopped shortly to check and to our horror, we found out that Naido was pretty badly bashed up. He was there with his shirt soaked in blood. Apparently, he was followed by this orange Proton Gen-2 before the latter decided to pull over in front of him. Then 2 person came out from the car to question Naidoo on the reason he was following them. Nonsense! Naidoo was on his way to Bukit Aman carpark for his morning run. And for this, the two buggers decided to bash him up leaving him with a broken nose. Was fortunate Terence and some others were there to shortly to help him to file a police report and to send him for treatment.

So is running on Malaysian safe? I wish to say it is, but I'm afraid it's not. Let's all face it and while we let the police or any other safety personnel's do their job, let's all run using our heads. Running at the wee hours especially before 4am is not a good idea but if you have to, always run in a group, the more the merrier! And for the ladies, do have some guys with you.

And be alert of your surroundings. Run against traffic, always pay attention to any incoming traffic and be prepare to take excessive maneuvers. Better still, run on the pavement. It may not be comfortable to run on, but safety is always the top priority. Even when I have been practising this for years, I too myself have been unlucky. Lynn, Luc, Jamie, Kelvin and recently Christine and Cynthia have all nearly fell prey together with me during our morning runs.

Not going to grumble anymore about running safe and smart. It's actually pretty simple to implement and all it takes is just common sense. And also, do read Jamie's take on this and also a very important note for runners who listens to music while running. I want to write about it, but am too lazy at the moment. Perhaps the next time. Before ending this, here's wishing a speedy recovery for Naidoo.

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