Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Hate Training...

By Frank
If last week's back to back was tough, then this week can be quite a killer! As mentioned, the distance slowly increases and this week on the training regime is to have a 20KM and 30KM back to back long runs.
Yesterday's run was rather comfortable. Managed 21KM without suffering too much. Weather was good too and I had good company with Loke, Michael and Daniel. It was all about building and preserving the legs for next day's run.
Then came today's 30KM run. Jamie who was not able to make it yesterday joined in with Lawrence, Azhar, Karen and Shanaz. Did not have a good sleep and was tired. Plus, the humidity level was pretty unforgiving. My plan was to run a fast 5KM before trying to maintain a 7 minute per kilometer pace. I managed to clock a very decent first 5KM but the latter was tough on my legs. It wasn't my usual comfortable pace but I had to give it a try. The reason is simple, I need to find a pace that can last me a century distance. As I ran and ran, my legs started to stiffen. It got tougher and tougher as I ran and towards the end, I decided to cut short my distance and just ended up with 28.5KM. No shame in the missing 1.5KM but at least I have an idea on how the pace feels like.
I found my 84KM pace last year, but with additional 16KM, things will have to change. Trial and error and troubleshooting will have to be done. We won't know if one thing will work until we try. But to try it out in running is certainly not easy. We have to endure through the pain and soreness to analyse the result and this is something I didn't like which had to be done.
I like to run, but to train for an event that I wanted something out of it, I absolutely hate it. I just can't wait till race day. But I know that without training, there can be no achievement. There isn't any free lunch in this world. So please do not take this entry's title too seriously. I just did not know on what to put for a title. Hehehe... For now, my legs feels wobbly and I can't wait to lay on bed tonight and just doze off. Sadly, I have to wait for it as I'm stuck in office right now.
Having wrap up week 4, back to back long runs will be on hold for now as a test run on a greater than marathon distance awaits next week. I do not want to think much about it now, but certainly wants to get it over with as soon as possible as the following week will be the Lunar New Year break. Give me my run, and I shall be able to indulge in festive goodies without feeling too much guilt! :D


Jamie said...

i was talking to my son when i suddenly dozed off! legs are ok though.

Frank@Runnerz said...

Give me a mattress and I will doze off immediately now. Haha... My legs were tortured by the 7 min/km pace.