Sunday, November 07, 2010

"Du"ing It Right...

By Frank

With the Powerman Malaysia 2010 barely a week away, I should be into tapering mode. However, how do I taper if I have not train well. Sigh... But still, it will remain my main race of the year, but should I fail to hit my target, so be it. There's always another Powerman.

Only done 3 brick sessions, 1 main and 2 minis. Compared to last year, although the "jelly leg syndrome" is still there, I guess it's much more manageable now. If the weather permits tomorrow evening, probably I will do 1 last mini brick session. Longest run was done the past Friday with my TNF 2010 team mate, Jamie revisiting the Newton 25KM route. We extended our run to 28KM visiting an unexplored territory for me, hills, hills and more hills. Though it was a killer run, I managed to complete it fruitfully while testing my new race shoe for the upcoming race.

To my race gear now, as mentioned above, I received a new race shoe for this race from my sponsors. The K-Swiss Blade-Light Race coupled with race apparels. The apparels which are for running which will be used in my next marathon, but in this Powerman, I will race in the tri-suit given earlier ago. As for my bike, the Ceepo Katana is now race ready as described by Daniel from Specialized Malaysia. It was fine tuned and cleaned up by the boys there and now looks spanking sparkling clean! The one thing I worry, puncture. I now have a phobia after suffering it twice and not knowing how to change it. The boys at Specialized Malaysia did gave me some tutorial on changing but I guess I will need to perform some hands on one of this days before the race.

And in this year's race, an old friendly rivalry will be reignited. My battle with Andrew Chan! Hahaha... Andrew who is a stronger cyclist pass me last year but I made my move on him on the run, thus finishing just barely ahead of him. This year, Andrew if you reading this, let's see what you have up your sleeve! *wink*

Collected my race kit yesterday at the collection centre. I was there to exhibit my products with dad and Jamie helping me out. Had a really good time meeting all the athletes. And besides, Melody and her people from Quick Release really know how to treat us well. I had a good time chatting with her during dinner not only on the race but on other matters too. She's really an amazing dedicated person.

But anyway, my diet has to be clean for the next 6 days. Diet has always played an important role in my race result. And let's hope that it will go well this time too. Before signing off, here's wishing all Powerman duathletes, happy tapering! Oh and ya, although I did Powerman Malaysia last year, but how do I get to Seri Manjung again? 0_o"


Yimster said...

Good luck Frank! You'll do just fine ok!

zErOiCe said...

Good luck Frank! :)

poh meng said...

Have a good time and enjoy your race.

poh meng said...

Good luck and enjoy your race.

Frank@Runnerz said...

Thanks everyone. I will "du" my very best.