Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Road To Powerman 2010...

By Frank

I made my duathlon debut at Powerman Malaysia 2009 and instantly was hooked on to it. However, last year I took it as part of experience and also for training for my Macau Marathon 2009 which was my main race last year. This year though, as some will have knew, the Powerman Malaysia 2010 will be my main race, my class A+ race!

Planning for this big race came as early as after completing Powerman last year. The bike which I rode last year did not satisfy my hunger for comfort and speed and thus, I went straight to the drawing block in search of a new bike. That resulted with the BH G5, a bike that I was really happy with. However, things came to halt later when work commitments took most of my time away, even till now.

Training regime was really in a mess but with some races and friends to train with, I managed to build my fitness and maintain it. But I know that it won't help as I need strength too. I have been building calf strength whenever I have the free time as it's an important muscle, plus the workout is really simple. And with a treadmill in my premise, I'm able to train my runs in a very controlled environment.

As for the bike which will be my weakest link, sadly to say I have not done much of it. But then, came a boost when I was sponsored a tri-bike which really made a difference. I am more comfortable in an aero position compared to the handle bar or drop bar of the road bike. Call me weird, but that's the way I am. Managed to test it out at the Port Dickson Triathlon 2010 which I must say the bike was awesome. Sadly to say, I suffered a puncture and that was the end of it. And right now, I have this phobia of tyre puncture, mainly because of my incapability of changing the tube. I got to learn this soon!

Only 2 simulation was done, the latest being yesterday. I'm pretty happy with the outcome though I can still feel the "jelly leg syndrome" on the second run. Last year at Powerman Malaysia 2009, I cramped pretty badly at the second run and at the finish line. I hope with my revised strategy this year, I'm able to cope with it. And not only that, the super hot weather will play a part. Last year, I was pretty dehydrated that I was seeing stars at the end of my race. Keat Seong assisted me last year, but he will be absent this year. I wonder who will assist me this time round should the same thing happens again. Hmmm...

As for my race gear, it's all ready. Received my latest race gear for this race from my sponsors a couple of weeks ago and was really impressed with it. I do hope it will give me the results on race day.

This year's turnout will be great. Most of my friends will be there and I'm really happy that Lynn and Chin Chin made their jump from sprint to the full distance this year. Am going to miss Keat Seong and Jennifer though. So with exactly 2 weeks to go, let me see which area can I touch up so that I can "du" it right.


K3vski said...

All the best, Frank! Hey, I'm most comfortable in aero position too!

Frank@Runnerz said...

Thanks Kevin. I'm comfy in aero position but you will shoot off like an aeroplane on that position. :p

andrew said...

Be fast or be tailed :P i may nt have a tri bike but i do have a few tricks up me sleeve :D