Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I DU...

By Frank

Come this Sunday, 8 Nov 2009, I will make my debut in the duathlon scene in the Powerman Malaysia 2009. Instead of participating in the mini duathlon first, I jump straight into the ultimate version, a race that will take me on a 11KM run, 64KM bike and finally ending with a 10KM run. Sounds interesting, but believe me that it's going to be tough.

I haven't been cycling ever since completing in the KRI Century Ride 2009, Merdeka Criterium Race 2009 and also a Powerman simulation. With a qualifying time of 5 hours, it's going to be tough especially with the hot weather there as I heard from past participants. Though the route is almost flat, I foresee that I will suffer especially on the last 10KM run. During the simulation organised by Tony not too long ago, though I ran at a blistering pace at the first run, my legs almost lockup entirely after the 60KM bike. A different set of muscles used during cycling just entirely "woke up" after a long slumber and this is what caused the lockup. Therefore with advice from Tony, I will have to whack on my first 11KM run on race day to build up a cushion for myself as there is where my strength lies and then to pedal normally for the bike leg. This plan of his might work well for me and I decided to use it in order to complete the race under 5 hours though I will foresee that it will be very close.

Since it's my duathlon debut, enjoyment and experience is what I am looking for here. As with the earlier Nike+ Human race 10K 2009, this will be part of my training regime for the upcoming Macau Marathon 2009. And to my friends like Lynn and Chin Chin who like me are making their duathlon debut, have fun and good luck. But most important is, to take care. See you all at Seri Manjung this weekend!


plee said...

Wishing you all the best at Powerman! See you there, it is my first Powerman too, so I hope to complete it without cramping up!


Cheong said...

Frank, all the best to your debut. Its my debut too. See you there.

I think you can DU it well below 5 hrs. You've got the speed & endurance.

Take baby steps when you get off the bike for a couple of minutes then build up the pace gradual. Can la.

VetRunner said...

good luck on your debut event

RunWitMe said...

All der best!

Frank@Runnerz said...

Paul: Woot! Another debutant. Wishing you the best. Come say hi if you see me ya.

Cheong: Good luck on your debut too. Well, frankly speaking, I'm not a speed guy. More to endurance and mental strength.

VetRunner & RunWitMe: Thanks thanks! See you both 2 weeks later at the Pearl Of Orient!

YS said...

Frank, good luck to your upcoming races... bring us good news and take good care k!

Frank@Runnerz said...

YS: Thanks. Will be careful for now as all will be part of my training for Macau.