Thursday, October 29, 2009

Into The Red Zone...

By Frank

Well... I can't really think of a suitable title for this entry. Therefore, just imagine the car's RPM meter where the red zone lies and what will happen if you keep revving at that zone.

Over the past weekend, I shattered my 10KM personal best by 29 seconds. I was both happy but yet disappointed the same time. I ran my best and had fun but honestly speaking, I suffered. As mentioned before, I'm not built for speed. Never I am since the day I started running.

At the Nike+ Human Race 10K 2009, things went awry as early as the fourth kilometer. The first 4KM were all right but what happened next might be due that I went out too fast too early like a charging F1 car. The first sign of trouble came when my chest started to tighten followed by numbness on my left arm. I do not want to elaborate on this, but I'm sure many of you knows what it means. In fact, I did foresee that I will experience it. I understand what is going on, slowed down as I do not intend to go down before my showdown at Macau but I kept going and eventually completed the race, painfully in a way.

The above explains that my body isn't capable to substain the pace I need to accomplish my marathon dream. Though my mental strength is there and with the legs I need, as long the main engine can't take it, everything will be meaningless.

Though my training regime has went on well, I'm not to confident to achieve my marathon dream. I will need my 10KM pace should I want to achieve it and to substain it throughout the entire 42KM distance is where the big question mark lies. Maybe I never will achieve my dream, but heck I will give it my best shot at Macau Marathon 2009. At this time of writing, it's only 38 days till race day. And with the Powerman 2009 and Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009 coming up next which will be part of my training regime, I am left with very minimal time to sharpen where my weakness lies. I doubt there will be much improvement, but I guess its better I try rather than sitting on the couch doing nothing.

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Henry Wong said...

Frank, we all know that we should listen to our body...

Enjoy the run and I strongly believed that you will achive good timing eventually.