Saturday, October 17, 2009


By Frank

As I enter into the third week of my speed training, I am sad to say that it did not materialise as much as I wish. The interval training that I had planned to do was somehow short lived as it only happened for the first week. I know I am not built for speed and therefore interval training isn't my cup of tea. I am forcing myself to do it. But after a couple of sessions, my heart felt the strain as it's going to burst out from the rib cage or even stop beating at anytime. I do not intend to fall during training and so opt for something different. It's good to be flexible at times.

My personal best 100KM weekly mileage stood at 116.01KM which I managed to hit during my Project 84 training. And this time, I intend to break it. Into the second week, my first attempt was close to breaking the 100KM mark, just 7KM shy and I rested for a day. The third week which happen to end today, I finally did it. 7 days of continuous running resulted in a 120.79KM distance ran! It may seem that I am training for another ultra marathon, but I was thinking that since I am now at my peak, why not give it a go. At times, I do feel the strain, but as each day passes by, I do feel really good. The secret, to eat!

My training log (11 October 2009 - 17 October 2009)...

Each run was done at a different pace. Certain parts was easy, while others at race pace. This may help me develop the speed but I wouldn't know by how much until next weekend when I try it out at the Nike+ 10K Human Race 2009. However, I will try to break the 100KM barrier again this week but it's the 30KM run this morning that marks the end of my visit to the Bukit Aman carpark for this year, as next week onwards, it's the start of the race season.