Monday, May 04, 2009

Fighting A Losing Battle...

By Frank
With 26 days till the Sundown Marathon 2009, I have been hit by a major setback. 6 days ago, which was 2 days after my return from my Mount Kinabalu expedition trip, I went down with migraine.

The last time that I was hit by migraine was about 4 to 5 years back. Not sure what had caused its return, but since my lifestyle and diet has been generally good, I can only put the blame on the expedition. The lack of oxygen and air pressure on the way to the Mount Kinabalu summit is the prime suspect here.

Ever since I returned, I have only did 1 long run which was over the past weekend running 32.42KM at the second night run at Putrajaya organised by Terence. And that even almost took everything out of me. I took painkillers before and after the run to control the pain. Besides that, I have to take additional Vitamin B supplements and coffee each day as both has proven to help control it. However, as these 2 generally helps in making one more alert, I was left with sleepless nights. Not forgetting that any attack during my sleep will actually disturb me, thus resulting with huge and dark eye bags on me now.

And as my condition worsen today (record 6 attacks), I am denied from any physical activities even from simple ones like abdominal crunch as any of these will trigger off the pain.

Am I worried? Of course I am! Though I'm no Superman, I know the feeling is like Superman being exposed to kryptonite. See... I'm talking Superman now! The migraine has seriously got into me. Though my fitness hasn't drop much "yet", I'm not sure how am I going to pull this through. This is certainly a bad timing as I'm really fighting a losing battle here.


Anonymous said...

Gee, dunno what advice to give, coz I thot sleeping plus painkillers would give some relief from migraine. Anyway, if it's any consolation, here'a running friend (who herself is in dire need of motivation!) wishing you a speedy recovery and a good run at sundown.

Henry Wong said...


Take one step at a time...Wishing you a speedy recovery..

John said...

I always advise people not to give up until they cross the finishing line. Here I wish to advise you not to give up until you reach the START line!

Please take good care and hopefully everything will be fine come the D-Day.

Good luck!

The Runner, Dreamer, Observer, Seeker said...

Dear Frank,
I am a migraine victim myself for many many years. It's also becoz of my extreme high blood pressure. I take Cafegot together with panadol cos a single doze of panadol has no effect on me anymore. You can try this combination. Sometimes I go for acupuncture. Slow or cut down your running cos' when our feet are pounding on the ground - it certainly doesn't help at all, worsen it.
I absolutely understand how you feel cos' I went through it. Still and on occassions I threw out!!
But seriously, try cafegot with panadol and if all else failed, go for a MRI. Just to be safe lah.

Take Care,
Wai Mun

Runnerz said...

WOW! I'm really touched and suprised with all the wishes here. MANY MANY THANKS everyone!

Haza: Somehow, this time my migraine was very bad compared to those I had years ago. Probably age is a factor here, but I am not sure. I feel like a junkie right now having to take so much painkillers. I just want to get it over soon.

Henry: Thanks!

John: Yeah man. Though I'm worried, I'm not ready to give up yet.

Wai Mun: I'm currently taking Neurobion, Postan and Panadol to help cope with my migraine. It has been working, however lately Postan seems to react a bit slower than usual. As for traditional therapies, I have yet to try it. All my life, I have not been massage nor have done any acupuncture. Haha... Living in the other side of the world I guess. As for MRI. Hmm... I don't want to know what's inside my head. Haha...

Carboman said...

for me i'll get some sleeping pills, then take half dosage and get my sleep in. also hope this is a acclimatizing problem and nothing serious.

Anonymous said...


I always read up ur blog for inspiration, im from forum :D and ill be doing the marathon for sundown this month end! hoping that you'll recover soon!

Runnerz said...

carboman: Thanks but like going for a massage, I have never taken any sleeping pills before. Heard many stories about it, and I wouldn't want to risk it even if it's a small dosage. I rather bear with the pain.

Anonymous: Thanks there. Hope you have a great time at the Sundown Marathon. Care to let me know your identity? Thanks.