Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hell Week Training 2008, Session 2...

Event: Hell Week Training 2008, Session 2
Venue: Bukit Aman carpark, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 1 & 2 October 2008
Time: 5.00am
Distance: 21KM on 1 October 2008 (21.43KM by Jamie's Garmin Forerunner 205)
Shoe: adidas Response Control 7
By Frank

LSD 3, 1 October 2008...
It wasn’t my day to be as I started my second session of the Hell Week training runs. I was awoken by the heavy rain and had trouble finding breakfast. Food stock has run out and therefore I only had 2 slices of bread with a cup of Milo with oats. Plus, dinner the day before wasn’t really a good one.

Started the run at 5.10am with Choi, Jamie, Lionel, Loke, Luc and Geraldine on a very cool morning. The rain stopped just in time. Off we went but quickly enough, the group was separated to 2. Lionel, Luc and Geraldine took off first and was soon no where to be seen. I was with the others leading them till the income tax building when I had to stop to relieve myself, which proves costly. I had some chasing to do which I did and went too fast. Probably due to the weather too. I managed to catch up with Choi and Jamie but only to lose them again as we approach Mont Kiara.

Refueled ourselves at the Shell station at Desa Sri Hartamas this time before proceeding to the Petronas station to run a loop there. While the rest stop for toilet breaks, I continued on but at a much slower pace and they managed to catch up. It was then just after Plaza Sri Hartamas that I slowed down, this time a lot. I was really tired at this point and taking each stride was really horrendous. I tried to stay within range of the 3 of them in front of me and managed to till the climb at Tijani. I kind of ran out energy here and as much I hate to admit it, I hit the wall here. Yes, hitting the wall on a 21K training run. What an embarrassment! However, I did not want to stop and carried on running, dragging myself to Bukit Aman and managed to complete the run in 02:09:37, my slowest 21K run this year! What a way to enter it into my record books.

And like that wasn’t enough, the guys went for an additional 4.3KM around the Carcosa Lake Gardens route which is normally taken by the folks from Runners Malaysia. I went with them thinking that a slow pace will actually see me through, but I was wrong. I had to stop after completing just 2KM. I just couldn’t take it anymore and had to call it a day, else risking any potential injuries. I was lucky that I had Loke with me and we walk back slowly to the car park where we met up with the others before leaving for home for a much need rest. Now I wonder if I can run a 30KM the next day…

LSD 4, 2 October 2008...
My bid for my first 100KM weekly mileage (currently standing at 52.94KM) ended today as I suffered from a swollen right shin due to a freak accident at home yesterday. I accidently kicked the metal sliding door upon entering the wet kitchen trying to prevent my dog from entering the house. Sigh…

Although I did wake up in the morning to see how well my shin is doing and hoping that I could after all join the 30KM run, my shin did not agree at all. Still swollen and I can really feel the pain even without touching it. Not wanting to risk it with my next marathon looming around 6 weeks time, I decided to forego the run with a heavy heart (and legs).

It’s really embarrassing on how things turned out. Right now, my meals will consist of ginger as it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Besides, there will be lots of massage around the pain area and no, I’m not visiting the doctor. Some of you will know how stubborn I am in visiting them.


Carboman said...

wah cinya freak accident. well, take this as a recovery lor... there's always next B2Bs.

Cheong said...

Hi Frank,

Thanks for the LSD21K (Raya) invite. I have planned on jalan-jalan with the family and could only squeeze in for an early morning 1K swim + 12K run near my residence.

I planned on meeting you tommorrow (sat) for the 15K. However, I just read about your unfortunate accident. I reckon you will be taking a rest.

Anyway, I will just do the NB15K 2008 route on my own. We'll meet one of these days for a LSD so I can learn the BA-Hartamas route.

My best wishes for your speedy recovery.

lionel87 said...

hahaha...cheong, just join us man...the more ppl the merrier...the running community in malaysia is really small =(

Runnerz said...

Thanks all for the wishes. My shin is much better now and will be back running on Saturday (4/10). Has been resting and eating well during the 2 days break.