Sunday, June 29, 2008

Olympic Day Run 2008...

Event: Olympic Day Run 2008
Venue: Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 29 June 2008
Time: 7.30am
Distance: 7KM (7.31KM by Nike+ Sportsband)
Shoe: Nike Air Zoom Vomero+ 3
By Frank

Got a little worried about my tummy before this run. As my digestive system was acting up for the past week, I felt bloated and seriously uncomfortable. And it was yesterday that my system decided to start purging. Just before the run started, I actually had to visit the toilet 3 times. It felt better but still, I was keeping my fingers (and toes) cross. Nevertheless, I was treating this run more like a training and fun run for me. I have no expectations of being rewarded a medal as there was only 30 of them. It won' be easy but should I get it, then it will be bonus.

The sky was gloomy at 7am. Rain clouds can be seen. I was praying that it won't rain during the course of the run as it won't help with my present condition. Met up with Andy, Keat Seong, Loke and Haza while waiting for the run to start. At 7.30am, nothing happened although all runners are ready to go. Almost 10 minutes later, Ronald McDonald showed up. This run organised by McDonalds can't do without him I guess. But this guy is short and plump, probably due to lack of exercise and also consuming too much burgers and fries. Haha... And so with his arrival, the run was finally started at around 7.40am.

As usual, my start was horrible. I was blocked all around by slower runners although I started around the fifth row from the front. I only managed to clear myself as I approach Bank Negara. Nothing much happened and I was glad my tummy was holding up. However at Kenny Hills I was hit by side stitch, although still bearable. I ran with it hoping that it will go away, but it was stubborn to stay on. So I had no choice but to bear with it as I ran. Luckily, it wasn't as bad as compared to the one I had at the Olympic Torch Relay Fun Run 2008 and I still managed to overtake quite a number of runners, in the meantime not being overtaken. Yes, not even a single runner overtook me throughout the entire run! WOOT!

The pain finally went away as I entered Jalan Mahameru and it was here that I started my final push. At this point, there weren't many runners from my category ahead of me. Most of them were from the younger category. Upon approaching Dataran Merdeka, I managed to overtake 2 runners from my category. Dashing to the finish line, I was glad I made it back safely without any tummy discomfort. And so, I crossed the finish line at 00:35:11. Not sure what was my position, but I knew that I miss the medal again by just a few position, probably by just 2 minutes or even lesser. Nevertheless, it was a good run for me and I certainly enjoyed the Ribena served at the carnival area. I gulped down at least 4 cups!

Almost there...

From L-R: Andy, Frank and Jonathan...

A very simple finisher's certificate...


Century Trainer said...

awesome. sounds like a good event. I am travelling to Malaysia later this year - do you know if there are many cycling races (ideally century/100 mile rides) in KL? i'd love to bring my bike and ride locally if possible.

Runnerz said...

There is a Century Ride in Perak, northern state above KL. However, the ride for year 2009 is over. Normally it's held in the month of July.