Thursday, September 29, 2016

Go West...

By Frank

Since 2015, the word “West” has played a part in my running career. The decision to enter myself into the West Highland Way Race 2016 and missing the opportunity to qualify for the world prestigious and oldest 100 mile trail race, the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run (WS100) by 5 minutes 8 seconds at HK100. A couple of weeks back, the word returned into my head in trying to persuade me to “Go West” again, and thus, there has been a little brainstorming for me since then as I found out that through the West Highland Way Race 2016, I have finally qualified myself for WS100.

Regarded by many runners as the “Must” run or their bucket list run, I don’t deny that I would really like to run it myself though it isn’t on my to do list. In fact, all the runs that I wanted to run has now been ran and that I have nothing left for. From road to trail and mountain, the marathon distance, to 100KM to 160KM, Comrades Marathon and the West Highland Way Race, I am happy with what I have achieved myself and where I am today. In fact, I have slowed down a lot since returning from Scotland this year and have just gained that little weight in me as I took some time off from running.

I knew that the WS100 is always held in the month of June meaning that it will be really close to Comrades Marathon. The concern isn’t about being able to run it or not after the demanding Comrades as I have done it this year with the West Highland Way Race which was 3 weeks apart, but rather the hassle in travelling to the United States since there is a need of Visa application for Malaysian passport holders and also the logistics for the entire travel itinerary.

Then of course, the West Highland Way Race which falls on the same exact date as WS100 next year. Yes, I have successfully done it but that doesn’t mean that I will not be making a return (*hint hint) for a second time as Scotland is just so worth my time. My friends, the highlands, loch, food, etc…, they are all worth it. Nuff said. Besides, the goblet is feeling lonely and may be a good idea to find it a companion.

And so yes, it’s not a difficult decision after all as I decided not to enter myself into WS100, at least for now. Yes, it may be a chance wasted but again, it’s not exactly important to me. And of course, Scotland is just too way hard to resist and I rather be there surrounded with good vibes (not midges).

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David said...

Hope to see you on the start line Frank.