Thursday, March 31, 2016

Of 3 months, 10 years and 24 years...

By Frank

I made it through again! YES (*inserts fist pumps into the air), as once again, I successfully tackled March, the toughest third month of training leading up to Comrades Marathon and this time West Highland Way Race.

As usual, when I saw the training regime given, I will ask myself if it can be done? The distance that needs to be cover, the intensity to be put in, the time needed for it plus some other side training, all of it seems so difficult and even "painful" by just looking at it. But I know that it needs to be done and hence just hope that I will be able to follow it as close as possible and survive it. Besides, I can't be complaining as these are 2 races I am totally committed to.

March didn't start of very well though as my legs were pretty thrashed up from Gunung Nuang Ultra which took place on the last day of February. Talk about perfect timing! Walking straight seems to be a problem for 3 days and hence I could forget about a short recovery run. But when the soreness had subside, it was business as usual as I punished the tarmac and treadmill as per the regime given.

However, there was another problem. With the most from the Gold Coast training group participating in Powerman Putrajaya on the first weekend of the month, my first weekend long run of the month seem to be hanging on the balance. But with some planning, I still managed to run it before and during the event while still able to support my friends. Moving forward, with some of my friends laying off running from injury and also taking note that the Gold Coast training isn't suitable for me, I had to improvised. Weekend long runs were still long but they were at reduced intensity on flat routes, while weekday shorter runs became more intense with speed and hills incorporated into it. Flexibility is the key to a successful training regime and I am glad mine can be done this way. And with that, 415KM was covered for the month of March 2016 bringing the year's running mileage up to 1,113KM, the one thousand barrier broken in my personal record time. A successful third month of training reaping positive benefits from it.

Midway into March, while out on one of my runs, I realised that I've been running for 10 years. And that's 10 year's of injury free running! Time has passed swiftly from my first marathon till my ultra adventures today. And I am glad that this year will be my half decade's of Comrades Marathon and also my first West Highland Way Race, a race that will fill my bucket list to the max. I guess that explain the reasons I am feeling "tired' already from all this running.

And finally. March is always remembered as the month I was diagnosed of Rhabdomyosarcoma some 24 years ago. No, it's not something to celebrate, for it's nothing proud nor happy about it being diagnosed, treated or surviving it. Rather, it's a month of remembering on what this deadly disease can do to all living beings and also to those who have fought or affected by it.

For now, it's time to move on to the fourth month of training. Again the same old question of how am I going to survive this month? But am sure I will and by the month's end, it will be something to be rejoice. Onward to April!

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Nick Phillips said...

I wish I could say that I've been running for 10 years injury free but sadly no. Glad that I'm back running again though at a lower intensity for now and hope to get some sessions with you and the gang for my July marathon lead up!