Saturday, February 28, 2015

Second Month Dusted...

By Frank

I remember I was just starting to enter my January's month end report and in a glimpse of an eye, I am now entering February's one instead.

The second month of the year certainly came and went. I had certain worries that I would not be able to fulfill my training regime. But in the end, I did it with a total of 260KM covered. I dug deep within and question myself if I really wanted it. "YES" came instantly and in the first 2 weeks of the month, with a slight modification to the regime, 200KM was covered by those legs of mine, 100KM each every week. And surprisingly, instead of feeling tired, I was feeling fresh and good. Not great but good and that is all I can ask for. I guess I owed it to my food and drinks intake which are vital for recovery and also the active recovery runs I put in between.

February wasn't easy to start with. The introduction of speed workouts at the final week of January was carried into this month with more intensity added in. Gradually, inclines were added to them. I guess this is an important element when training for the up run this year. So yes, although tough, it has to be done cause there is no point training easily.

Besides that, back to back runs on weekends has also started. Though distance isn't exactly long yet, I am slowly starting to lose my privilege of having to sleep longer. And this I had to endure for another 12 odd weekends or so still!

Anyhow, with the two easy months completed, it's time to embrace "Hell March", probably the toughest training month in the Comrades training. An increase of running distances, speed and back to back long runs, you will probably see me dozing off at work throughout the month! And to start it off will be my first attempt at tomorrow's Gunung Nuang Ultra which is also my first visit to this rather famous training ground for lots of runners.

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