Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Return To 4 - First Trial...

By Frank

It's been 2 months since my major race of the year at the Comrades Marathon. While I did not slow down from there unlike previous years, I continued from where I left off, but instead focused on speed and strength.

My next focus will not be ultra distance but instead reverting back to the marathon distance where like the entry's title suggest, am trying to get back to my best back in year 2009. I clocked my best and only sub 4 hours marathon back then before getting injured and then moving to longer distances.

First trial at Kuching Marathon 2014.

Training has been good but I don't think it will be enough to get me through this weekend at the Kuching Marathon in achieving a sub 4 hours timing. Perhaps close to it will be realistic but I will still definitely give it a shot. As long I don't get injured, I've nothing to lose and this will only be my first trial of a total 3. I will have other chances coming up which are more important so this will be good to see where I stand now, like a benchmark.

Training for this for the past 2 month with speed being gained at the MPSJ track through intervals and also some tempo runs with Jamie, Nic and the rest at the USJ route. As for strength, it was built at the trails of FRIM which I really enjoyed with Jason and occasionally Hong Lan, Renee, Yik Yee and Wai Hong. On average, I am running at about 55KM a week, a much reduced distance compared to my Comrades training. And not forgetting the resistance weight training at the gym too. I do feel good from all the training but I am hoping my slightly swollen left trapezius will subside in time or at least a little.

This weekend will see the Saucony Type A5 summoned back for active duty. My current fastest shoe in the Saucony stable, hope it will somehow, in a way help me achieve what I set out to do. I am not thinking much on the Comrades seeding for next year too, but should I managed to run a good time in improving the seeding, it will be a bonus.

Come "Get Some" at Kuching!

And yes, I know I've the Penang Ultra 100KM and Craze Ultra 161KM coming up in the next 2 and 4 weeks time. Though my current focus is on speed, I am banking on my fitness gained during the Comrades Marathon to lift and get me through these 2 runs. And I guess there will be a lot in my head to help me too. Gotta sort out my life!

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