Thursday, November 14, 2013

"F" Hopeful...

By Frank

It's the time of the year again, or shall I say race of the year again. Probably my second most important race of the year after the Comrades Marathon, the Penang Bridge International Marathon is important as I've always use it as my qualifying race. Not that I've not qualify for Comrades Marathon, but it is my chance to better my seeding.

I've always wanted to be seeded F at the Comrades Marathon. 2 main reason will be it represents my name and also it represents my marathon timing which has been constant during my good old days. After having seeded H for my past 2 Comrades Marathon, I've finally managed to better it to G, from a result achieved at this year's KL Marathon. I was actually satisfied but with the "feel good feeling" and momentum still rolling strong, I've planned to actually to attempt a sub 4:20 marathon once again this weekend although I can't actually remember when did I achieved a sub 4:30 hours marathon cause it has just been so long. Therefore, this is really one really tough task for me.

Will be travelling up with Roy, Susanah, Lai Leng and Gary with me driving. Now this is the worrying part. Long distance driving couple with long distance running. Not  a good combo but it just had to be done. Have to manage my rest and nutrition well from Friday onwards.

As for my shoe of choice, it will be the Saucony Grid Type A5, a shoe I've purchased at Johannesburg late last year to be used for the Year to Year Circuit Race back then. But it was not utilized hence it is time to unleash it. One of my lightest racing flats I have to date, preliminary runs with it has been absolutely positive indeed, fast and responsive.

The Type A5 backed by my army of strong.

Swaying a little of course from the above topic will be a celebration with Saucony where I renewed and extended my sponsorship with them earlier today, and this time with 2 new brand ambassadors; Jason and Zijill. Almost exactly a year ago, I received my very first pair of Saucony Kinvara 3 from Saucony Malaysia and ran the Penang Bridge International Marathon back then with it. I came very close in improving my seeding at that time but bonk out at the final 10KM. Hopefully, it will not be the case this year. Anyhow, it has been an exciting and fruitful first year with Saucony where I truly enjoy partnering with them and hence will be looking for more "strong" on the road ahead.

Together we are "STRONG".

Till my exam at the bridge this weekend! Stay focus and perhaps I can start dreaming of "F"...

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