Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lyn Kong's Guide to Fitness for Busy People...

By Frank

Earlier today (31 October 2013), I attend the launch of Lyn's book titled Lyn Kong's Guide to Fitness by Busy People at Kitchen Creatures at Centrepoint, Bandar Utama. Just for a brief intro, I've known Lyn for about 8 years or so since my days of membership with Fitness First and then becoming colleagues when I joined as a Fitness Instructor. She was back then a Group Exercise instructor and has now grown into a certified CrossFit Instructor, ACE certified instructor, co-partner at Pushmore Fitness and certification to many many more qualifications. She has certainly come a long way.

The launch of the book was a simple affair between guest of media, sponsors, family and friends. It was a very "home-feel" event. Some of the familiar faces there were Stupe, Aileen, Maresa and Oon. Roy at the last minute wanted to join in too, but for somehow, he ended up at Tropicana City Mall instead. Hahaha...

I am sure Lyn know's how busy I am with my retail job at Running Lab and hence I guess the reason I was one of her guest. Hahaha... Just kidding Lyn but am sure it the truth eh. So if you are one of my kind that get stuck with work and am not able to find time to exercise, this book is for you. But not forgetting to everyone else, this book may just inspire to g further or even to try something new. Anyway, here's the official press release of the book giving you an idea on what is it all about.

Lyn Kong’s Guide to Fitness for Busy People is the fifth title in the MPH Masterclass Series, a new line of “how to” books by local experts sharing their knowledge and experience in their areas of speciality.

This is a detailed guidebook filled with practical instructions and tips from professional physical fitness trainer Lyn Kong on how to keep fit despite a busy schedule. It’s the ideal fitness book for those who hardly have time to hit the gym or jog in the park after work.

“What I’ve done is create a concise book that has all the information and advice you need to kickstart your journey towards a better lifestyle,” Kong says. “It’s comprehensive, practical, simple to execute and, most importantly, it doesn’t take a lot of time.”

 This book consists of ten chapters, each layered with useful tips for all those who aspire to lead a healthy lifestyle. Topics covered include nutrition, equipment, how to plan your training program, as well as some simple daily exercises for burning calories and building muscles.

“What makes me happiest of all is that I’m doing exactly what I always wanted to do, which is to help people live better lives. I’ve learned so much about fitness over the years and just as I’ve shared this wealth of information with my clients, I’d know like to share them with you through this book,” says Kong a certified CrossFit instructor with over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry.

She knows how, with as little at 10 minutes of intensive training, our body is able to burn fat even after an exercise routine has ended. It’s how it works but you need to do specific kinds of exercises to help it work that way. In addition to step-by-step instructions on these exercises, Kong also provides tips on practical healthy eating, an essential element in staying fit and healthy.

Lyn Kong’s Guide to Fitness for Busy People is published by MPH Group Publishing and is available at all major bookstores at RM35.90. It will be also be available as an e-book soon.

For enquirier and interview opportunities, kindly contact:
Ms Lilian Ng (T) 03 7960 7334 ext 119 (E)
Ms Juan Margrita (T) 03 7960 7334 ext 116 (E)

With Lyn autographing my copy.

So yeah, there you have it. What are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a copy now at your nearest bookstore. Cause I know I did.

Thanks Lyn!

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Lyn Kong said...

Dear Frank,

Thank you for being there at the launch! I was very happy and glad you could make it despite being so tied up at The Running Lab!

I will see you soon!!