Sunday, June 30, 2013

Be Frank - Yogathon...

By Frank

The Yogathon is the second fund raiser under the Be Frank campaign where the first was the one I did in conjunction with the Comrades Marathon 2013. The Yogathon was successfully held yesterday, 29 June 2013 at the Piano Lounge, Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club and is a campaign inspired and driven by Joey Liang, a yoga instructor from Serenity Yoga who has lost  a dear friend to cancer and hopes one day, that cancer will finally have a cure.

The Yogathon banner welcoming us in the Piano Lounge.

The Yogathon brought out about a strong 40 yogis of all ages and genders on a clear Saturday morning. Staffs from CARIF including Professor Teo, Sook Yee and Jane was there together with familiar faces from my circle of friends like Bennie, Lyana, Roy, Ericca and Mak too. 

The event kick started off around 9am with a speech and basic guidance from Joey herself. She was assisted by Joyce at the same time too walking around to make sure that everyone had their poses right. Most of the moves were pretty do-able  though some like the warrior and tree pose may be a bit challenging. But both of them tried their very best to assist each and everyone of us to make sure we all had fun stretching it out to a wonderful weekend.

With Lyana, Joey and Bennie stretching ourselves into the weekend.

I myself had lots of fun alongside Bennie and it was a fruitful event. At the end of the 2 hour session, we sat around in a circle to remember those affected by cancer and some even shed tears in remembering them. All in all, this has proof that a simple gesture like having a yoga session is strong enough to deliver the message and also exploring the myths of cancer together. The funds raised through the Yogathon all channels towards cancer research driven by CARIF themselves. We hope that Joey will continue to inspire us and I hope that this Yogathon will continue to go on in the near future for it not only delivers the message across, but also for the well being of our both physical and mental.

For more info about the Be Frank campaign or just simply to donate for a good cause in helping all of us search for a cure for cancer, do visit us at 

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