Tuesday, October 09, 2012

DNF, Check-Up and A Lesson Learnt...

By Frank

As most of you will have known, I suffered my first Did Not Finish (DNF) at the Craze Ultra 2012 slightly more than a couple of weeks ago due to chest tightness and shortness of breathe. It was a bitter pill to swallow for being my first but I was glad that nothing happen to me and that I get a chance to run yet another day.

So what happened that day? At the morning before the race, I was tired and a little grumpy too. I did not have a good pre-race preparation hence that may have contributed to it. And from my blood and urine test that was released to me by Phil just last week, both my blood and urine sodium level was a little on the low side. Not that it is alarming or did I suffered cramps during the race, it is something I need to look into still.

During the race itself, despite the crazy hot and humid weather, I was all OK till hitting the 60KM plus mark when I felt my first problem. And upon arriving at the checkpoint, I took a rest and felt better before continuing on to the half way point at 82KM before calling it a day there after suffering the second round of symptoms and as per advised by the medics and friends.

So upon returning home, I took a week's plus long rest to allow my body to settle down before going for a medical check-up. And the result was out yesterday. All is good from my heart size, heart rate, cholesterol level to uric acid level. But the exception was my blood pressure which was a little on the high side.

What may have attributed to my blood pressure result was probably due to my stress, fatigue and also most likely from the happenings that affected my mood lately thanks to a certain company.

So lesson learnt from my first DNF:
1) Spend less time on the legs especially the day before the race.
2) Have a good rest, turn in early the night before and get to know your travel mates way before travelling together.
3) Call it quits when you have to especially when symptoms appears for the second time.

So from this entry, I hope to share with everyone that there is no point to continue on during an event or even a normal workout should you feel uncomfortable. There is always another to join in. Most important is that we are still breathing and still living in this world. Cast aside your ego, call it quits when you have to, and the reward will be more and more things to look out for in the future. And for me, I now have the clearance to participate in this weekend's The North Face Singapore 50KM Ultra. Yeap, and this is my reward for being smart (self praise can? :p)

* Also I would like to take this opportunity to THANK everyone who has shown their concern towards me and also to those who have visited me at my work place throughout the last 2 weeks or so.

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