Friday, February 24, 2012

My Comrades "War Chest"...

By Frank

This just arrived not too long ago courtesy of Outdoor Venture Pte Ltd, Running Lab, K-Swiss and GU Energy Labs. My "war chest" as described on the title of this entry, it contains essentials that I will use on my training and race day of the Comrades Marathon 2012.

Training and race day essentials...

Firstly, my training rubbers, the K-Swiss Blade-Light Run which happen to be my second pair. Beside cosmetic changes, no specification were altered. Find out on my personal take on it here. When asked by Ms. Karen Chua of Outdoor Venture Pte Ltd of my preferred shoe choice for training, I had no hesitation in choosing this particular model which I quickly fell in love with, last year. A balance blend between light weight, minimalist and cushioning, I opt for this pair as it will be the closest I can get to my race shoe which happens to be...

Handsome new colour for the K-Swiss Blade-Light Run, my day to day training shoe...

Meet the all new K-Swiss Blade Foot Run! Enter the very first K-Swiss zero drop minimalist footwear! Weighing in at about 8.0oz for a size US9.0 for men, again I will emphasised on race day elements. Some reason I chose this model is because:

1) Balanced weight as in not overly light nor heavy
2) A more efficient running gait and posture with the zero drop specifications
3) The ventilation provided by the Flow Cool System as 89KM is a long distance to run
4) Blade technology which I adore a lot

The K-Swiss Blade Foot Run which will stamp the holy route from Pietermaritzburg to Durban...

First impression of the shoe gave me confidence boost and I really hope it will pass my running test which I will conduct in about 3 weeks time. By then, I should be able to review it.

Last but not least, my nutrition by GU Energy Labs. On race day, I will rely on these before the solid food intake will kick in. The most portable energy source I can carry in my minimal stash during my run, I plan for a 2 sachet each for GU Energy Gel, GU Roctane and GU Chomps. And for training days, these will really aid my performance orientation and recovery. Not forgetting too on my tummy's relationship with GU Energy Labs products which I can describe as "best of friends".

Nutrition GUlore!

With exactly 100 days till race day, all these arrived in just about time. Many thanks to Ms. Karen Chua and Mr. Marc Pereira of Outdoor Venture Pte Ltd for helping arrange these and my fullest sincere gratitude to all 4 companies for the support given in battling cancer.

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