Sunday, July 24, 2011

BHP Orange Run 2011...

Event: BHP Orange Run 2011
Venue: Piazza, The Curve, Selangor
Date: 24 July 2011
Time: 7.00am
Distance: 11KM
Shoe: K-Swiss Blade-Light Run
By Frank

I haven't been running since a month ago since I completed my epic century distance run. I am just so tied down with Running Lab's opening that I hardly had any time for a proper meal nor sleep. But it's great to know that there's a run nearby to my neighbourhood and it's none other than the BHP Orange Run.

Use to be free entry, the organisers are charging runners a RM5 entry fee this time. Probably due to the hike in petrol price, but RM5 is still the cheapest running event here. And if one looks at the overall quality of the event and what runners get back in return, it's certainly worth it.

Arrived at The Curve with 30 minutes to spare but just had to hit the potty pot after greeting Chris. As I couldn't locate Jamie, I headed on to the starting line where I met up with Chris again and Kenny. The ladies were flagged off at 7am while the men 10 minutes later.

Knowing my leg strength will be affected due to the lack of running and my fitness level will be below par, I just ran a slow and steady run throughout the entire 11KM. And throughout the run, though looking at the road most of the time, friends like Kevin, Kheng Loh and Chin Ann did call out to me.

Tony was the final 1500m and he cheered runners on when suddenly a speedy Adam overtook me with haste. Shouted to him "NO SPEEDING" but he only gave me wave and was later seen calling out to me at the side of the finish line. Hahaha...

I completed my run 1 hour on the dot and I was glad to have done just that. A great run on a great morning to kick start my running activities again. I soon found Jamie, Rizal and others before I went to collect a one bagful of drinks and tidbits and breakfast. Now, that's certainly worth more than RM5!

I couldn't hang out long as I need to go to work and left soon after chatting with Hon and Yimei. Overall, a good event and I certainly hope it will be kept this way for many years to come. Runners certainly needs more casual run like this.

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