Monday, March 14, 2011

Missing Snow...

By Frank

When I mentioned that my running mileage took a dip due to lack of time, I know it isn't an excuse. However, when I mentioned that it was due to that and some personal reasons, I really meant it.

Today marks exactly 1 month since my the other Golden Retriever, Clangan Funny Fun Fun otherwise better known as Snow left me. I was left devastated when she left me on 15 February 2011 at a age of just 8 years old.

Snow (taken at the age of 6)...

As seen from my lack of update on this blog, I just had no mood or ideas for any entries. My runs on weekend too were horrible but I managed to pick myself up to show up in front of my friends. And it took me a month to blog about this, although I did not want to at first but decided to, to serve as part of my memories with both my Golden Retrievers. Snow has been with me since year 2003 when I was still staying in a rented house at Subang Jaya. She together with Sky, my the other Golden Retriever boy, was the joy of my life. When Sky left me 3 years ago, I feared Snow will be lonely. She was for sure, at least for the start but managed to carry on with life on her own. She became part of my running life going with me for short runs. When she aged, her runs became much shorter and therefore accompanied me for my warming down. After all, Golden Retrievers needs a lot of attention. When Snow started to fall sick since last year, her personality has changed. There were ups and downs but I guess 1 year down the road, it was time for her to be reunited with Sky at the other world.

1 month later, today and now, I'm certainly missing her. Whenever I hear some sounds from the backyard or simply the shaking of the metal grill, I thought she was the one causing it. But a quick glance, there was nothing there. Life is certainly different now. From 2 joyful Golden Retrievers to 1, and now to none, my life felt so empty suddenly.

Snow, I'm sure you are reunited with Sky and am in a better place now. Thank you to the both of you for all the memories and joyous moment spent together. I will certainly miss you both.

Sky and Snow is now reunited...

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Raymond said...

ohhh, i felt the sadness in me reading this post.

Take it easy ya. Stay strong.