Sunday, February 20, 2011

That Caltex Station...

By Frank

It's been around 2 weeks since I updated this site. At one time before that, there was plenty of updates, but due to the recent Chinese New Year holidays, everything went quiet. And when I returned, so many problems crop up and my stomach wasn't too well. Perhaps too much munching during the holidays. :D

Fitness is still pretty all right though I can't show it out due to stomach discomfort. Last week while running a slightly modified Newton route, I struggled as the discomfort was just there to remind me. I had to detour to a Caltex station while on the way towards Seri Kembangan. I was glad the station was open and the toilet was reasonably clean for a petrol station's standard. But anyway, I was just happy to be "relieved".

This morning, I ran the same route again with Jamie, Rao, Fui Cheng and errr... (sorry forgotten your name). I tested my spanking new pair of K-Swiss Blade-Light Run sponsored to me for my training runs for my upcoming Sundown Ultra Marathon. Thank you K-Swiss. I didn't run the entire week as I was really busy, had some personal issues cropping up and stomach going bonkers again on Thursday. And this time, it was "massive" that I had to give yesterday's run a miss. When everything settled down, I decided to run this morning but still had to pay the same Caltex station a visit. However, this morning's run was more productive as Jamie slowed down to accompany me. Oh yeah, and the shoe works well.

I just hope that all these stomach issues won't bother me in future runs. It's really irritating and I can't run a fruitful run. But anyway, I'm grateful to the Caltex station for being there out of no where in the dark and well equipped with a clean toilet. Perhaps, there's something with me and Caltex as I have visited them 2 weeks in a row on the same "business". Hmmm...

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cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

did u paste ur name on the caltex toilet cubicle door? hehehe