Sunday, August 22, 2010

Newton 25KM Trial Run...

By Frank

This morning, I had my third Newton 25KM trial run with Chin Chin, Jamie and Poh Seng. The previous 2 times, we never really run the complete route. My first with Jamie 2 weeks ago, we made the u-turn too early and ended up just 20KM. My second with Chin Chin and Siok Bee last week, we almost made it except that I got confused near the u-turn and ended up running short of 1KM.

Today, no mistake as it's homework redone again. Started all right, but didn't know the reason behind my sluggishness after my first stop at 10KM at the Esso petrol kiosk. I had my energy gel there but instead of giving me the boost, I became weak. Weird right?

As the race quickly approached, more and more runners can be seen giving this route a shot. Yim, Karen, Yin Fook, Yee Tze, Chooi Wan, Doris and some unfamiliar faces from the Bukit Jalil running group I believe were seen along the route this morning. Good for them.

As we approach the final 4KM or so, there was a slight drizzle. Jamie was hoping for rain but I was telling the "person up there" to hold the horses. Don't let the sky open up yet while I'm still running. I don't want to get wet! Ran a bit faster and managed to complete the run before it rain. Well, actually it didn't rain, just drizzle. Dark rain clouds were seen and leaves were flying all over the places, but it was a false alarm. Naughty naughty...

Jamie left early as he is a family man during the weekend. Had breakfast with Chin Chin and Poh Seng and the joke of the morning was that Poh Seng's half boiled egg only arrived only when we were about to leave. And it was three quarter boiled. The waiter must have forgotten about it.

Though a sluggish run, I'm glad I ran it for the third time. No, I'm not hoping for anything on the actual race day. This is part of my The North Face 100 2010 training and what a way to train with friends who are participating in the same race as well. Probably this will be the last trial run or probably another next week before we hit the trails soon.

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